After Brianna Keilar says for Mercedes Schlapp to get her “facts straight” and “don’t messs with my family,” Schlapp reportedly apologizes

keilarTrump 2020 senior advisor Mercedes Schlapp penned an op-ed attacking CNN anchor Brianna Keilar for their contentious interview, and she misrepresented information about Keilar’s husband, Fernando Lujan. Keilar responded angrily on Twitter, “Your op-ed is riddled with lies, Mercedes, but most despicable is you trying to character assassinate my husband, an active duty military officer, and mistaking him for someone else in the process.”

Keilar insisted Schlapp get her “facts straight. And don’t mess with my family.”

Schlapp claims Keilar’s husband, Lujan, tweeted something disparaging about Trump, which wasn’t true: it wasn’t even him.

“On Thursday evening the highest levels of the Trump campaign conveyed apologies to the highest levels of CNN, per a source…” Brian Stelter reports regarding the screwup.

On Twitter, Lujan seemed to confirm Stelter’s report, saying, “Just received a call from Mercedes Schlapp, apologizing for the bad info. Good to see that there’s still room for decency, even in this hyper-polarized political environment.”