CNN Republican commentator Ana Navarro: “Damn right, I donated to Joe Biden”

CNN Republican commentator and Never Trumper Ana Navarro responded to a story from NewsBusters attacking whether she was truly a Republican because she had donated to Joe Biden’s campaign, per FEC records. “Damn right,” she said.

Per the records, Navarro donated $250 February 29 to Biden. NewsBusters further search found that she had also donated $361.14 to failed presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris in July 2019, and insisted that she quit identifying herself as a Republican.

Navarro hasn’t been quiet about wanting Trump to be defeated in 2020, so her donating to Democratic candidates shouldn’t be much of a surprise. She has been quite vocal about it on CNN and on ABC’s The View, where she serves as a rotating host.

“Damn right, I donated to [Biden]. I want a President who believes in science and doesn’t suggest Americans ingest Lysol. Let me remind you, the so-called “Republican President” donated to many Democrats, including Pelosi & Hilary, a guest at his wedding…3rd one,” she wrote on Twitter in response to NewsBusters.

A CNN spokesperson noted their commentators may donate time or money to the causes and candidates they care about.

Navarro previously worked for the Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Jon Huntstman teams.

The Van Jones Show continues this Saturday with Meghan McCain

The Van Jones Show is back again this Saturday at 7pm, and this time, host Van Jones’ guest for the hour will be conservative commentator Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain.

McCain previously served as a Fox News host, and is currently serving as a co-host of ABC’s The View.

According to CNN, the McCain is joining Van to “discuss the state of partisan political clashes, her father’s brave cancer battle, and her take on the first year of the Trump presidency.”

President Trump reacted to the first episode of The Van Jones Show, which had special guest Jay-Z, via Twitter. There’s a chance he’ll respond to McCain’s appearance as well, given that he has attacked McCain in the past for being a war hero, saying that “I like people who weren’t captured.”

CNN’s Ana Navarro grabs a side gig

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro has added another gig on to her plate: she will be joining ABC’s The View as a political contributor, she announced on Twitter.