the situation room

Wolf switches sets

Wolf Blitzer’s eponymous program, which airs at 1pm ET on CNN Domestic and on CNN International, has been using the Cap set for approximately two weeks. Wolf previously came from […]

7/2/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of 8:00 ET… Miguel Marquez is in for John Berman on Early Start. Jim Sciutto is in for Wolf Blitzer on Wolf. Brianna Keilar is in for Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room. Don Lemon is in for Erin Burnett on Outfront. John Berman is in for Anderson Cooper […]

Crossfire: 4 Hosts Experiment?

CNN did something different with the struggling political debate program on Monday and Tuesday: all four Crossfire cohosts (SE Cupp, Newt Gingrich, Van Jones, and Stephanie Cutter) were all “in the Crossfire” – and there were no guests. As one person said to me in private, it was almost like […]