Megyn Kelly attacks CNN…and misrepresents the truth


Fox News’ Megyn Kelly told a bit of a lie on her program The Kelly File when she was discussing the “hands up, don’t shoot” and that it turned out to be a false narrative. So far, so good…

Until she tried to smear CNN.

She, like many, referenced the picture of CNN commentators Sally Kohn, Margaret Hoover, Mel Robbins and Sunny Hostin with their hands up in the “hands up, don’t shoot” way.

Kelly says, “On a straight news program… that’s what they tell us this show is… look at them… straight news program, with the sign and the hands up.”

Er. Sorry? When did CNN ever call Kohn, Hoover, Robbins, and Hostin straight journalists? They’re commentators. They don’t “represent both sides” – they’re political and legal commentators.

To be fair, the thirty-minute show (that ran for about a month) was a side-show during CNN Newsroom, but at no point was the thirty-minute commentary billed as a “straight news program”.

Watch the segment with Howard Kurtz and Megyn Kelly:

I wrote in November it was dangerous to have this show exist in the CNN Newsroom block. And I was right: Fox has spun it to indicate that they are straight news journalists, hosting a straight news block… which simply was not the case.

So, Megyn’s argument and presentation? Misleading, if not an outright lie.

Who’s captaining this sinking ship?

Just curious… Who’s running the show here? Friday afternoon, Sally Kohn broke the news that she, SE Cupp, Kelly Wallace, and Michaela Angela would be hosting a new Saturday show from 3-4p ET. As I did my best to get some concrete details (the studio, show name), I was told the show had actually been “postponed”. Considering the show was postponed not five hours after it was announced, it begs the question… Who’s running the show? Did a few rogue producers just decide to slot a show without clearing it with the CNN execs? That’s obviously not what happened (they would need some sort of approval), but why was it pulled so quickly?

And then, this morning, Jim Clancy tweeted his usual show rundown, informing viewers when he would be on and what to expect on his show (he claimed he would be anchoring the iDesk).

He said:

But who was actually on? Becky Anderson, returning from a month vacation. The Sunday 10-10:30aET slot has been called (on and my guide) Connect the World with Becky Anderson, but it usually ends up just being an iDesk, with Connect the World airing at 11aET (which is its normal weekday slot). I’m not really sure why Becky has two CTW slots on Sunday, but I digress.

The point is… someone led Jim to believe he would be anchoring. I mean, he even knew what he would be talking about. So, what gives?

(Note: I am in no way complaining about Becky… the more Becky, the better!)

(Note 2: I am not blaming Jim — someone told him he was doing a show, so he was prepping for it. I was calling out whoever misled him)

Who Anchors What? – Crossfire, Outfront, AC360

The panelists of Crossfire are:

  • Newt Gingrich – panelist
  • Stephanie Cutter  – panelist
  • Van Jones – panelist
  • S.E. Cupp – panelist
  • Sally Kohn – primary guest panelist

Note: Stephanie Cutter is on maternity leave; Sally Kohn is her primary replacement.

The presenter of Outfront is:

  • Erin Burnett – host

The presenter of AC360 is:

  • Anderson Cooper – host
  • Randi Kaye – AC360 Correspondent

Crossfire Preempted

Crossfire was preempted today for continued rolling coverage of the Malaysian flight with Wolf Blitzer.  Crossfire has been preempted quite a few times since its revival – in fact, it was preempted at least once this week; I don’t recall the day off the top of my head, but it was.

I find it funny: CNN doesn’t often preempt taped shows (on the weekends, anyway) for developing stories… But Crossfire gets preempted frequently, as needed.  Is Crossfire on its way out from CNN… again?

The Crossfire Problem

Unashamedly, I can watch CNN pretty much all day long without any problems.  (Sure, I like Morning Express more than New Day, but I watch the last hour of New Day when Morning Express repeats its stories at the top of the hour).  But Crossfire is a show I simply cannot watch.  It is a mixture of the hosts and the entire show itself.

The hosts are an undeniable problem.  Newt Gingrich is unwatchable; Van Jones is awful.  They’re both horrible partisan hacks.  Stephanie Cutter isn’t much better than the other two, but she is more watchable than the two of them. Continue reading “The Crossfire Problem”