Quest Means Business turns 10 years and celebrates the occasion from its first broadcast spot, Davos

Richard Quest, CNN International’s premier financial news anchor, celebrated ten years of Quest Means Business today. The show debuted ten years ago in Davos, Switzerland, back in 2009.

Quest, along with other CNN reporters, were in Davos for the World Economic Forum.

CNN’s emerging markets Abu Dhabi-based correspondent John Defterios was on with Quest, offering him a cake to celebrate the longevity of Quest Means Business, even joking that Quest was wearing the same coat as when the show had first aired.


CNN heads to Davos for special week of coverage

The World Economic Forum returns to Davos this January for its annual gathering, and CNN International will be reporting live throughout this key event in the business calendar.

The theme of this year’s conference will be ‘Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World’- making the case for renewed commitment to international collaboration as a way of solving critical global challenges.

CNN’s Richard Quest, Becky Anderson, and John Defterios, alongside Fareed Zakaria and Nic Robertson, will deliver live daily coverage from the Swiss mountain town, which is transformed each year for the summit. They will be joined by a team from CNN White House Correspondents Jim Acosta, Jeff Zeleny and Abby Phillip, who will focus on the highly anticipated visit of President Donald Trump to the Forum.

From Monday 22 January to Friday 26 January there will be coverage throughout the day on CNN International. Richard Quest will anchor three daily shows, beginning with CNNMoney at 1400 GMT, followed by Quest Express at 1700 GMT, and Quest Means Business, at 2100 GMT, direct from the Forum. Becky Anderson will present her show, Connect The World, live from the conference at 1500 GMT daily, as well as other shows across each day.

CNN to debut new show at New York Stock Exchange

Following the cancelation of Nina Dos Santos’ business show from CNN London, CNN today announced that it will be launching a new business show, live from the New York Stock Exchange, Quest Express.

Richard Quest’s new show begins Monday, January 30, at 5 GMT/12 noon ET, replacing the thirty-minute edition of the International Desk. Quest will continue anchoring the afternoon show, Quest Means Business.

The 30-minute show will offer a quick-fire briefing on the latest market movements and business stories, building a bridge between the close of the European trading day, the opening of the markets in New York, and the start of the business day in Silicon Valley.

“The show will be like a shot of coffee: getting you quickly into the essential business stories at a crucial point in the day. We’ll show the way the markets are linking together as trading unfolds and how wealth fuels global decision making,” Quest said.

In addition, CNNMoney with Maggie Lake, which airs in the morning at 9am ET, will also move to the new NYSE studio beginning Monday. Lake said, “Moving to the NYSE will give us a dynamic backdrop to the day, and a chance to get into the thick of the action right at the heart of the marketplace.”

Mike McCarthy, svp of programming at CNNI, said of the move, “The NYSE provides the perfect setting both for this new show and CNNMoney with Maggie Lake, giving us unrivalled access to the markets at the beating heart of the global economy.”

Eleni Giokos in for Richard Quest all week

CNN’s newest business correspondent, Eleni Giokos, is going to be hosting Quest Means Business live from the network’s New York studios all week.

Anchor Richard Quest, meanwhile, is away on assignment for CNN Business Traveller, where he is expected to fly around the world in 8 days, utilizing 10 airlines, 9 countries, 12 cities and 13 airports.

Giokos is a former eNCA anchor as well as a CNBC anchor who joined CNN International in October 2015, based out of the network’s Johannesburg bureau as CNN’s East African business correspondent.

Quest to fly around the world in 8 days

Richard Quest, CNN’s aviation correspondent and anchor of Quest Means Business, is embarking on an 8 day round the world marathon using only low cost airlines. The journey will take in 10 airlines, 9 countries, 12 cities and 13 airports.

The project, for the network’s CNN Business Traveller program, is designed to show how far businesses can go on the world’s expanding range of budget carriers.

Beginning in London, UK, the trip will stop in Belgium, the Czech Republic, the UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Hawaii, before crossing mainland USA from Los Angeles to New York, and returning to London.

Quest and his team will be reporting on and CNN International throughout the trip, as well as documenting their adventure on social media. The marathon journey will then be showcased in a special edition of CNN Business Traveller, first airing on CNN International on 13 April at 0930 BST/1030 CET.

Quest added: “We’re being very strict about it. The rules are that the trip has to start and end in the same place, we can only travel in one direction, and we can’t backtrack between continents. We’re only using low cost carriers and we’re not allowed to take premium class tickets – it’s economy all the way. There’s a serious point though. We want to show just how far you can go in low cost, and see which airlines are offering the best service for those on business and on a budget.”

The trip begins on Saturday 12 March at London’s Gatwick Airport, returning on 19 March.

500 Questions casts a new host for season 2, replacing Richard Quest

ABC’s game show 500 Questions will return for a second two, but not with CNN’s lead international business correspondent and CNNi anchor Richard Quest, as had been rumored for a few weeks now.

In Quest’s place, ABC is going a slightly different route, tapping ABC News anchor Dan Harris as the replacement host for season two, reports Deadline.

I guess this gives Quest more time to be CNNMoney’s editor-at-large.

CNN adds a war room in London

In addition to a wide range of promotions under the CNNMoney umbrella (including Richard Quest) and renaming CNN International anchors Maggie Lake’s and Nina Dos Santos’s business shows, CNNMoney is also assembling a war room in London like it has domestically.

According to a Digiday report, CNNMoney is building a 12-person digital war room in the London bureau.

With six people already in place, the publisher is hiring another half dozen or so including writers, multiplatform specialists, a viral news editor and at least one video producer, with more video positions to come — and they’re also recruiting editorial staff for their bureaus in Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi.

Plans for extending the model to the London bureau have been six months in the making, according to O’Keefe. Since its U.S. war room launch, CNNMoney shot from eighth to fourth place in the comScore rankings for business and finance news sites. It’s this success that gave it the confidence the model would work internationally, he added.

“We go where the audience is, and that may mean doing five different versions of the same story for each of the social platforms, whether it’s Facebook, YouTube or Snapchat,” said Ed O’Keefe, vp of CNNMoney and CNN Politics. “We’re fishing in the waters of the areas those audiences are in, and using video or text-based content to them. Now we’re really ramping that up for audiences outside the U.S.”

CNN International re-launches shows with CNNMoney umbrella

CNN Worldwide announced today the expansion of its CNNMoney brand internationally, across both TV and digital, to provide consumers around the world its industry-leading business and financial news and analysis. With the addition of staff in London, Dubai, New Delhi and Hong Kong, CNNMoney will launch new franchises, series, features and reporting tailored directly to the regions and audiences it covers.

The venture will tap the talents of Richard Quest, Nina dos Santos and Maggie Lake whose programs will represent CNNMoney on television.

CNNMoney View with Nina dos Santos will air at 6a ET from London, CNNMoney with Maggie Lake will air at 9a ET and Quest Means Business, anchored by Richard Quest, will air from New York at 4p ET. In addition, Quest will now serve as editor-at-large for CNNMoney and he will pen a global daily newsletter “CNNMoney Presents: Quest Means Business,” timed to the open of the Asia markets.

Also joining the CNNMoney roster are John Defterios, emerging markets editor based in Abu Dhabi; Andrew Stevens, Asia Pacific editor based in Hong Kong; Eleni Giokos, Africa business correspondent based in Johannesburg; and Samuel Burke, CNNMoney business correspondent based in New York. The multi-platform editorial teams will be led by Penny Manis, director of global business news programming based in New York, and Mark Thompson, international managing editor of CNNMoney who is based in London.

“CNNMoney is a unique business offering built on the pillars of journalistic excellence, unprecedented scale of premium audiences and industry-leading use of data insight,” said Petra Malenicka, SVP, Advertising Sales, Western Europe and the Americas, CNN International. “The synergy of the CNNMoney brand, the highly relevant content and the effective turn-key commercial solutions powered by granular targeting creates the most compelling advertising proposition for any brand that wants to engage with the premium business audience at scale in specific regions, markets or globally.”