Trump isn’t happy to see Chris Cuomo in primetime: report

Apparently the president of the United States, Donald Trump, isn’t too thrilled to see former New Day anchor Chris Cuomo now holding court at 9:00pm with Cuomo Primetime.

Cuomo is in week two since his debut, which opened up to some strong ratings, though it faltered later on in the week.

According to Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman, Trump vented about Cuomo getting a primetime gig on CNN while departing the G7 summit. Sherman says, “Trump ranted about CNN anchor Chris Cuomo getting a prime-time show.”

Trump also reportedly claimed he “made” CNN president Jeff Zucker on that same phone call. Just today, word came out that Time Warner had renewed Zucker’s contract.

Chris Cuomo returns to primetime June 4

Cuomo Primetime returns for good on Monday, June 4 at 9:00pm, show host Chris Cuomo revealed today on Twitter. “Just heard yesterday! JUNE 4,” he said.

The show “will feature Cuomo’s signature in-depth one-on-one interviews that test politicians and newsmakers on their positions, as well as analyses of news of the day and the latest breaking news,” according to CNN.

Cuomo added, “Absolutely love New Day team and mandate and what we have built…but prime is the arena for accountability and that’s where the partisan divide is really fomented. Great chance to cut through, test, and do some different things.”

The network has confirmed John Berman will take over New Day with Alisyn Camerota.

Call me skeptical: Jake Tapper anchoring 11pm “special”

Love him or hate him, Jake Tapper is about as marquee at CNN as Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer.

Tonight, reports Brian Stelter, he will anchor an 11:00pm special on the network, The Russia Investigation.

Also tonight, Shannon Bream will be premiering on the Fox News Channel with her new program, Fox News @ Night.

Maybe I’m being unfairly skeptical, but I find it more than a coincidence that Tapper is anchoring a primetime special (though as I’ve documented, he’s hosted plenty, and should just move to primetime) the same night that Fox News is debuting a new program — when Don Lemon usually just anchors two hours of CNN Tonight anyway.

Tapper is a far more competent anchor and political journalist than Lemon and there is plenty of news with the Russian-related indictments, but the point remains… Coincidence or no?

CNN isn’t interested in hiring Bill O’Reilly

Former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly isn’t going to be the latest Fox talent to land at CNN. As highlighted in Brian Stelter’s media newsletter last night, CNN honcho Jeff Zucker isn’t interested in signing O’Reilly to CNN.

Zucker said that CNN had no plans to hire O’Reilly. “We’re not in that game. We’re not interested.”

Of course, there has been plenty of Fox talent that CNN has been interested in: from recent hires Stephen Moore, new morning anchor Dave Briggs, Kirsten Powers, New Day‘s Alisyn Camerota, or Bob Beckel, who re-joined Fox from CNN. And of course, Zucker tried to woo Megyn Kelly to CNN — though she ultimately chose NBC as her new home.

Next week, The Lead with Jake Tapper gets two airings

Ahead of the week leading up to President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, CNN has slated The Lead with Jake Tapper to air twice: at 4pm and then in primetime at 9pm ET.

CNN still charging a ton of money for an ad during debate

Even though the network expects “significantly smaller” ratings for tonight’s Democratic debate, CNN is still charging around $100,000 for an ad slot, according to an executive Variety spoke with. A normal primetime ad on CNN would go for about $4,000-$6,000.

For the GOP debate, CNN sold ad slots for a reported $150,000 to $200,000, mainly cashing in on the Donald Trump effect.

But, even without Trump, and even with the expectation for significantly lower ratings, CNN is still charging a lot of money for an ad slot.

How Nancy Grace picks the stories that she makes go viral

Just how does HLN host Nancy Grace pick the stories for her program that makes them go viral? In a profile published yesterday at Buzzfeed, we learn just what tools she uses to find the cases to talk about.

It works like this: Crowdtangle tracks and monitors millions of posts and keywords across social media platforms — with an emphasis on Facebook — in order to identify topics and individual Facebook posts that are performing better than average for a page or individual. In HLN’s case, Grace’s reporters, producers, and social media managers plug in a series of topics and keywords to Crowdtangle, taking pains to look for stories from a massive list of local news affiliate Facebook pages — for Nancy Grace’s page, this means a focus on abductions, abandoned children, stalkers, rapists, serial killers, and grisly domestic crime. Then, Crowdtangle scans the social web, sending alerts to the team if it finds a story that’s compelling high rates of Facebook sharing.

“If we see something really over-performing at a local level, that’s usually a good indicator there’s national interest,” HLN’s Senior Director of Social Media Strategy and News, Katie Caperton, told BuzzFeed News. “I can see that this kid’s gone missing and that every affiliate who also posts about this missing child is seeing 20-40 times the average engagement. We choose to create our own content around the story if we believe we’ll get that engagement from our followers on the national level as well.”

And the Nancy Grace show Facebook page racked up 2,389 likes and 3,102 shares in just 36 minutes recent “abandoned baby” graphic, Buzzfeed reports.

(H/t Buzzfeed)

Nancy Grace moves to live slot at 3pm, replay at 8pm

Nancy Grace is going to be airing live now at 3pm, as it has done so far this week, according to a source. Calling it “as permanent as anything at HLN,” the source pointed out that Grace’s show from the previous day had been airing in the afternoon of the following day.

But now, Grace will air live at 3pm, and her show will repeat at 8pm in primetime on HLN.

An on-air personality who regularly appears on Grace’s HLN program also confirmed the change.