Sunday Column

Every Sunday, I’ll publish a column of small little tidbits that don’t warrant an article of their own, spanning week-to-week, from anything to CNN, HLN, to CNNI. If I have blogged about anything related, I’ll link to it after the tidbit.

Below, feel free to discuss anything mentioned in the column, or anything noteworthy you feel I missed.

Reliable Sources has had live bits today; taped interviews are mixed in.

… Nora Zimmett’s last broadcast at CNN was Saturday; she was the EP of both New Day Weekend and Smerconish. (Read more.)

… As mentioned earlier, New Day‘s senior executive producer told a small lie, saying they had only slight discussion as to who will sub for Kate during maternity leave. On a very related note: Alisyn Camerota announced earlier she will anchor CNN Tonight throughout September. What month is after September? Mm-hmm… October. Same month that Kate goes on maternity leave… (Read more.) & (Read more.)

… For the first time since being named host of Weekend Express, Lynn Berry now has a promo airing on HLN. (Read more.)

… Last Monday morning marked the return of the CNNI overnight team, with John Vause and Rosemary Church. John had been doing war zone reporting for CNN.

… On Friday, Isa Soares left CNN Center in Atlanta and returned to London. (Read more.)

Nora Zimmett leaves CNN

The EP of New Day Weekend with Christi Paul and Victor Blackwell has left CNN. She also EP’d Smerconish and was its co-creator. She is leaving CNN to join the Weather Channel as SVP.

TVNewser reports:

Zimmett will oversee all aspects of Weather’s live programming, including the network’s flagship morning show AMHQ, Weather Center Live and its world-renowned storm coverage. She will be responsible for the overall editorial direction for the network and will work closely with the teams creating editorial content for The Weather Company digital platforms including