Chris Cuomo invited Trump’s spox to call him an idiot

New Day anchor Chris Cuomo invited Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Katrina Pierson to call him an idiot on Wednesday.

She declined.

“Katrina, when you don’t like what I say, do you call me an idiot? No. Why not?” Cuomo continued, “Why is it okay for Mr. Trump to do it but not okay for you to do it with me? This is your chance. You don’t like the reporting, you don’t like how I put the questions, you’re not going to call me something like that, right? Why is it okay for him to do it?”

The Trump spokeswoman explained, “If you’re attacking me personally, I might call you an idiot. But you don’t do that.”

Trump has expressed his displeasure about Cuomo in the past on Twitter — as well as on New Day‘s air.

(H/t Washington Post)

Michaela Pereira’s HLN program to debut July 11

Michaela Pereira’s new three-hour morning news show on HLN will debut on Monday, July 11, live from the network’s Los Angeles studios. Pereira departed CNN’s New Day at the end of April to launch her new show on HLN.

As she told her new HLN colleague Robin Meade, the new show is “going to have a little bit of a West Coast vibe.”

Remarking on HLN’s expansion of live programming hours, the acting general manager of HLN, Ken Jautz, said, “We would like to expand our live programming.”

“One of the main things we are doing is refocusing [HLN] on its news roots,” he told Variety.

The show’s name has still yet to be announced.

Michaela Pereira talks about her new HLN show

After Michaela Pereira’s CNN goodbye on Friday in New York City, Pereira was at the CNN Center in Atlanta on Monday morning in the HLN studio alongside morning anchor Robin Meade.

Although the show’s specific date or name hasn’t been revealed, Pereira’s HLN show will air at some point beginning in June from 10am until 1pm, which was a new detail revealed on Morning Express.

By airing at 10am, that will eliminate the two repeat hours of Morning Express, keeping HLN live all morning long, uninterrupted.

As she explained to Meade, “It’s going to have a little bit of a West Coast vibe.”

“High-story count, we’re gonna have lots of conversations, a little bit of fun!”

Michaela Pereira’s CNN sendoff to join HLN

CNN anchor Michaela Pereira received a warm sendoff this morning from her New Day crew; co-anchors Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota had plenty of nice things to say about her, as well as fellow CNN morning anchors John Berman and Christine Romans.

On HLN, Morning Express guest anchor Susan Hendricks played the video montage of Pereira’s New Day departure, adding, “She’s joining our family for a brand new show, we cannot wait, it is this summer!”

After piecing together clips of some of Pereira’s interviews, her co-anchors tossed to HLN morning anchor Robin Meade. Meade’s show will be airing before Pereira’s new show.

Meade explained, “I look at it this way, you’ve been having Thanksgiving dinner with those cousins over there [at CNN], all you’re doing is coming to your cousins at HLN to have Thanksgiving with us.”

New Day ended with the CNN behind-the-scenes crew waving affectionately goodbye, and on the video wall, via satellite, HLN’s Atlanta-based anchors Susan Hendricks, Bob Van Dillen, Jennifer Westhoven, and Melissa Knowles were seen waving from Studio 7.

She is expected to start at HLN in June.

Morning Joe beat out New Day in April

MSNBC’s morning political talkshow Morning Joe, hosted by former Congressman Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski beat New Day in the morning show race.

The networks were touting their ratings earlier this week, and surprisingly, New Day was nowhere to be found in the network’s press release. Even if the CNN morning show fell year-to-year, CNN’s publicists usually found a way to spin the ratings somehow to make it look good for CNN.

But not this time.

New Day was just nowhere to be found.

MSNBC, meanwhile, touted their win over the morning show hosted by Chris Cuomo, Alisyn Camerota, and Michaela Pereira:

Morning Joe outperformed CNN in the Adults 25-54 by 16% (157,000 vs. 135,000). In total viewers, Morning Joe notched another monthly win (596,000 vs. 438,000), pushing the program’s consecutive winning streak to 14 months over CNN.”

CNN, for its part, has a shakeup planned for New Day. Pereira is leaving CNN, effective this Friday, for a three-hour program on HLN.

Michaela Pereira prepares to sign off from CNN

In two days, New Day‘s Michaela Pereira will be leaving CNN and moving to Los Angeles where she will be anchoring a new three-hour show for HLN, beginning sometime in June.

Pereira has been participating in a good-bye tour the past few days on Facebook, posting pictures of herself with her CNN New York crew that she will be leaving in just a few days.

No word yet on the name of Pereira’s new HLN show.

Chris Cuomo is ‘feeling abandoned’ by Michaela Pereira’s HLN move? Yeah, right.

With only a few weeks left now until Michaela Pereira officially signs off of New Day and moves to CNN’s Los Angeles bureau to begin anchoring her new, un-named morning show on HLN, her CNN co-anchor Chris Cuomo is beginning to talk about her departure.

In a tweet, Pereira says that Cuomo is “feeling abandoned” by her move to HLN. Her last day with CNN will be on April 29.

Of course, that may be difficult to believe for some, myself included. In 2013, FTVLive had reported that Pereira was “not happy” with her CNN work and life on the East Coast. Flash forward a year, and in 2014, it was rumored that Cuomo “is insecure about [Pereira], because she is a natural on mornings. It’s her career talent … so they push her aside so he looks bigger.”

But now, her departure is breaking his heart?

Yeah, right.

David Gregory is in Donald Trump’s crosshairs

Former Meet the Press host and current CNN political analyst David Gregory is in GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s crosshairs just days after joining CNN. Although his hiring memo stated “He will primarily appear on New Day,” Gregory appeared on CNN Tonight in primetime to offer up his analysis of CNN’s town hall, featuring Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich.

But Trump was not happy with Gregory’s analysis, and mocked him for his departure at NBC News, adding that he was “not nice” about him.