At This Hour

At This Hour with John Berman and Michaela Pereira is a pretty good show.  Make no mistake, though… It isn’t the “West Coast morning show” it was billed to be.  But that is an issue that can be very easily remedied, in my opinion.

First of all, it is little more than a branded version of Newsroom.  Sure, there’s a new tune played at the beginning, and they have nice, special graphics for their branded hour, but it’s nothing that Brooke Baldwin’s branded-but-not-renamed block of Newsroom doesn’t have.  Still, the hosts are good, which make the show good, and that means there is a real chance for the show.

What needs to change, then?

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The New Day / Morning Express Dilemma

Any one who has seen New Day and Morning Express knows there’s a problem.  The hosts of New Day are repulsed by each other.  Chris Cuomo quite visibly is contemptuous of Kate Bolduan, and Kate has an attitude with Chris.  Meanwhile, there’s Michaela Pereira, put in a very uncomfortable position when both anchors hate each other – and make no effort to conceal it when on live television.

And there is New Day’s quiet but desirable stepsister, Morning Express on HLN.  I’ve seen numerous people suggest a “fix” for CNN’s morning woes: either a) bring Robin Meade as a co-host for Chris Cuomo or b) bring Morning Express over to CNN in its current form.

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CNN Weekday Schedule

5-6 EST – Early Start with Christine Romans and Indra Petersons

6-10 EST – New Day with Chris Cuomo, Brooke Baldwin, and Michaela Pereira

10-11 EST – CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello

11-12 EST – At This Hour with Michaela Pereira

12-1 EST – Sciutto Reports

1-3 EST – Headlines with Erin Burnett

4-5 EST – Crossfire

5-6 EST – The Lead with Jake Tapper

6-7 EST  – The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

7-8 EST – Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield

8-9 EST – ? with John Berman

9-10 EST – Tonight with Kate Bolduan

10-11 EST – AC360 with Anderson Cooper

11-12 EST – Piers Morgan Tonight with Piers Morgan

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CNN Saturday Schedule


6-9 EST – New Day Weekend with Christi Paul, Victor Blackwell, and Nick Valencia -Atlanta

9-11 EST – Michael Smerconish – New York

11-12 EST – Your Money with Christine Romans – New York

12-1 EST – News Desk with Nick Valencia – Atlanta

1-2 EST – At This Hour with Rosa Flores – New York

2-4 EST – News Desk with Fredricka Whitfield – Atlanta

4-5 EST – Washington Today with Joe Johns – DC

5-5:30 EST – Sanjay Gupta, MD – Atlanta (?)

5:30-8 EST – Don Lemon Speaks with Don Lemon – New York

Nighttime – Tape

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New Day Weekend

Eventually, I’ll publish a Weekend schedule for CNN…  But before that point, I’d like to tackle a big issue on New Day’s weekend editions: CNN made a big deal about having two hosts and a news anchor.  From the weekend New Day’s inception, however, that’s simply not been the case.  I think it lacks continuity.  If CNN wants to have three people on New Day weekday, then weekend needs to fall suit.

I like Christi Paul on New Day Weekend. Victor Blackwell is a little iffy, but I don’t see CNN removing him anytime soon, especially since they’ve only been the official, permanent weekend team for probably two months or so now.  That being said, there’s still no reason CNN can’t add a news anchor, filling the role of Michael Pereira on the weekday editions.

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