CNN Philippines to launch localized New Day

In hopes of being competitive in the morning news, CNN Philippines will be shelving its current morning program, Headline News, and instead replace it with a new show, New Day, keeping with the same name as CNN Domestic’s morning news program, anchored by Chris Cuomo, Alisyn Camerota and Michaela Pereira.

As MediaNewser reports, the new program will be anchored by former Headline News co-anchor Amelyn Veloso and will be joined by the anchor of CNNPH’s Legal HD, Karen Jimeno.

Former ABS-CBN sports anchor Andrei Felix has also joined CNN Philippines, the report notes, to handle sports for New Day.

Rounding the ensemble out will be Claudine Trillo, who will be covering weather and entertainment news.

It is expected to begin airing this month and to begin earlier than the show it is replacing.

CNN signs David Gregory for caucus coverage

David Gregory has signed with CNN for their coverage of the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, TVNewser notes. Gregory appeared on New Day this morning in Iowa with anchors Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota.

CNN was reportedly considering hiring Gregory and adding him to their primetime lineup back in fall of 2014, but they failed to cough up the dough needed to make CNN desirable for the former NBC News anchor.

This CNN anchor is a presidential candidate?

File this one away under the ‘what’ category…

CNN weekend New Day anchor Victor Blackwell was apparently (somehow) mistaken for Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson today at a Des Moines, Iowa, coffee shop.

Yeah, I don’t know how, either…

No, CNN didn’t plant questions at their town hall

CNN’s Democratic town hall on Monday night, which broke a ratings-record for any primary event excluding debates, raised a few eyebrows by one of the questions directed at former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

When Iowa student Brett Rosengren asked Clinton which past president inspired her, he added, “I can see why they gave you this question.”

Fox News contributor Richard Grenell pounced on that (like he does on anything that can potentially paint CNN in a bad light), and conspiracy theories began to spin out of control, insinuating that CNN had scripted all of the questions and told them what to ask.
In actuality, as Rosengren said, “It was my own question that I had submitted on Saturday night and directed towards any candidate.”

But CNN chose who the question went to, as is their right as the host of the forum.

Rosengren explained, “They chose that candidate to be Clinton.”

CNN alum Indra Petersons joins ABC News

Indra Petersons, who served as the morning meteorologist for Early Start and New Day but was a casualty of the fall 2014 layoffs, has joined ABC News as a meteorologist.

She is expected to fill in on the weekend broadcasts for ABC.

Guest attacks CNN for breaking agreement

Pat Brown, a criminal profiler, appeared on New Day for an interview with anchor Christi Paul. At the top of the segment, Paul tried to begin a discussion on Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear’s possible anti-government views.

Brown objected to Paul’s line of questioning. “Well, I’m a little disturbed because I made an agreement with CNN to appear this morning only under the condition that we do not talk about the particular shooter, use his name, or show his face.”

She added, “Not to talk about the particular mass murderer. I do not do that. I took a stand three years ago not to talk about individual mass murderers because I believe we in the media are increasing the number of mass murders. It has tripled in the last decade and it’s my belief that the notoriety we give them does this.”

Paul acknowledged her view, saying, “Okay, and I understand that. And I respect your views on that, surely. But we certainly can talk about the investigation into what is happening, can we not?”

“No, we cannot. I specifically said I will only come on if we don’t talk about this individual mass murderer,” Brown objected flatly.

After the abrupt end to the segment, co-anchor Victor Blackwell said, “Let’s be clear, and let me read from the e-mail from Pat Brown. Here’s the quote. Is my segment free of any photo or name of the mass murderer? That segment did not have any photograph nor use the name of the suspect and we held to that agreement.”

And, to an extent, he’s correct. They never said Dear’s name or showed a picture during the segment; however, his name did appear in the chyron.

(H/t Newsbusters)

Anderson Cooper tapes CNN Heroes tonight, back in Paris tomorrow

CNN’s Anderson Cooper flew to New York City today from Paris, France, where he has been covering the attacks for the past few days. He flew back home to tape CNN Heroes, which will air on Sunday, December 6.

Yet TVNewser reports that Cooper will be hopping back on a plane after taping the special, and will be in Paris by tomorrow to resume his reporting.

This December will mark nine years of Cooper hosting the event.

New Day‘s Chris Cuomo filled in for Cooper on Tuesday’s broadcast.

Chris Cuomo compares Fox’s Megyn Kelly to monkeys at a zoo

New Day anchor Chris Cuomo and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly aren’t very close friends and have a history of attacking each other, both on their respective programs as well as on Twitter. Even last week, when Kelly was defending CNN’s Sara Murray from Donald Trump, she didn’t miss an opportunity to dig into Cuomo.

But today, Cuomo took the rhetoric to the next level, one may say, comparing Kelly to a monkey at a zoo.

When a person on Twitter said, “CNN is a bit more balanced but Fox has Kelly who is interesting to watch,” to Cuomo, Cuomo responded:

Another remarked that Cuomo’s behavior was ‘Trumpish’:

(H/t Mediaite)