Report: Brooke Baldwin meeting with NBC Bay Area exec

On air Tuesday, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin announced she was leaving CNN in April after a thirteen year career as a news correspondent and afternoon anchor. At the conclusion of her message, Baldwin acknowledged, “Yep, we still in a pandemic, and nope, I don’t have a job I’m jumping right into, and yes – yes, I’m feeling very vulnerable.”

However, Bay Area blogger Rich Lieberman reports a nugget, that next week, Baldwin has a meeting scheduled with a NBC Bay Area executive vice president and news director at the San Jose Hotel.

Over the past year, Baldwin’s star at CNN has been eclipsed by fellow anchor Brianna Keilar. CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker slashed an hour of Baldwin’s newscast to give it to Jake Tapper to extend The Lead for election coverage, all the while slashing the other hour to give it to Keilar to extend her to two years.

Now, Baldwin may be considering a post-CNN move to the Bay Area? Stay tuned.