morning express

Flash Sets Aren’t Enjoyable

It doesn’t make much sense.  Brooke Baldwin is off this week (and according to her tweets, if I recall correctly, she’s vacationing in Mexico) – which means there are sub anchors.  On Monday, Martin Savidge made his first anchoring debut since the flight simulator and submarine reports.  Since he is […]

Jennifer Westhoven Returns Thursday

Exciting news, MXP fans! On Monday, April 21st, Jennifer returns from her maternity leave and rejoins the Morning Express team. Throughout her maternity leave, Maribel Aber has been her principal sub. Update: (4-19-14) As it turns out, Robin Meade wrongly informed viewers Friday that Jennifer Westhoven will be returning Monday.  […]

New Day: Success

Today, New Day did something similar to what I had suggested in my earlier blog post, where I suggested the cancelation of Early Start, and bringing over its anchors to be on New Day.  Now, obviously this wasn’t because I suggested it (and I doubt they even saw my blog […]