morning express

Rick Fox and Rascal Flatts on MXP

Tomorrow morning, Rick Fox and Rascal Flatts will guest host Morning Express with Robin Meade. It is a little strange that they’re all going to be with her tomorrow, but it’ll definitely be worth-watching. Rick also guest hosted today, and in my opinion, did very well.

7/16/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of 8:00 ET… Poppy Harlow is in for Christine Romans on Early Start. Christi Paul is in for Robin Meade on HLN’s Morning Express. Deborah Feyerick is in for Ashleigh Banfield on Legal View. Jean Casarez is in for Nancy Grace on HLN’s Nancy Grace.

What is HLN, really?

It’s nothing new that HLN has difficulty with its identity.  It started out as CNN Headline News and has since evolved (perhaps devolved is a better word) into something else.  The only true gold mines at HLN are Morning Express and Nancy Grace (though I do like JVM), while everything else […]

CNN Severe Weather Center

CNN’s Severe Weather Center isn’t really a ‘center’ – it’s just a screen off of Studio 7 in Atlanta.  But with Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello leaving CNN Center, it doesn’t make sense for the Severe Weather Center to stay behind.  It would make sense to split the weather center; […]

AJ Hammer has moved on from HLN

AJ Hammer, the erstwhile host of Showbiz Tonight on HLN, is no longer with the news network. It was announced in February 2014 that the show would be canceled, but that AJ would be staying on with HLN as its entertainment anchor. Unfortunately, as with most occasions, that rarely works […]