HLN bloodbath spells cancelation for Michaela, Across America and Crime & Justice

HLN is once again tinkering with its lineup — this time, axing Michaela Pereira’s program Michaela, Across America with Carol Costello, and Ashleigh Banfield’s Crime & Justice. They will host their last shows Friday, October 26, and depart the network thereafter.

Morning Express with Robin Meade will continue; it will now air live from 6:00am-10:00am, and from 10:00am-12:00pm, it will re-air the previous hours of the show. After, On the Story will air from 12:00pm-3:00pm with a rotation of HLN hosts. Lynn Smith’s Weekend Express will continue as usual on Saturdays and Sundays.

In an internal memo we obtained, HLN chief Ken Jautz said of the cuts: “The current cable news landscape is dominated by politics. Our live news shows have not benefitted from this trend given our story mix. However, HLN’s longform programs have been performing very well.”

After 3pm, HLN will begin airing CNN’s original series.

He addded of Costello, Pereira and Banfield, “I know that you will join me in thanking these incredibly talented journalists and their teams for their dedication and hard work. We built a top-notch line-up of some of the best anchors and show teams in the industry, and we are proud of what we’ve accomplished together these past few years.”

HLN rejiggers lineup to make room for Carol Costello

HLN announced today it will revamp its morning and daytime lineup to make room for former CNN anchor Carol Costello, who will begin to anchor a new program live from Los Angeles, beginning in April.

Costello has said her new show on HLN will “whip through stuff,” and “won’t waste your time,” aiming for fewer talking heads.

Said to debut in late April, Across America with Carol Costello will air from 11am until 1pm ET, live from LA, which will mean another shift for Michaela, the news program hosted by former CNN morning anchor Michaela Pereira, who will now front her show from 3-5pm ET.

“Our enhanced line-up puts HLN in the best position to succeed, further fulfills our viewer promise to provide a comprehensive look at the news in a fast-paced approachable tone, and drives the strongest lead-up to fringe and prime,” HLN boss Ken Jautz said in a staff memo.

The new lineup puts Morning Express from 6am to 11am, Across America from 11am until 1pm, On the Story from 1 to 3pm, and Michaela from 3 to 5pm.

HLN schedules its Inauguration Day coverage

HLN will offer special programming tomorrow for the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, reports TVNewser.

Coverage will begin at 6am ET from the Washington, DC bureau, where Robin Meade will host Morning Express live until 10am. At 10am, the show will continue with Lynn Smith as anchor, and Meade will report live for CNN from the parade route.

Smith will anchor from HLN’s HQ in Atlanta.

At 11am, Michaela Pereira picks up coverage in HLN’s studio in Los Angeles until 1pm.

From 1pm until 4pm (an hour extra), On the Story with Erica Hill is live from the Washington, DC bureau. Hill will also report for CNN from the Women’s March.

Both Hill and Meade were in DC on Thursday for their respective shows as well.

Morning Express expands an hour, reducing Michaela to two hours

Morning Express with Robin Meade is expanding, and Michaela, hosted by former CNN anchor Michaela Periera, is being reduced, by an hour.

Pereira’s morning news program, which originates from Los Angeles, took two hours from Meade when she joined HLN. MXP aired live from 6am-10am, and aired two hours of repeats of earlier hours from 10am-noon ET. But when Pereira joined the lineup, her program aired from 10am-1pm ET.

Now, TVNewser reports that HLN has cut Michaela back an hour; it will now begin at 11am and run until 1pm ET, beginning on Monday.

At 10am, HLN will air an extra hour of Morning Express, with some live bits and some taped segments.

Susan Hendricks to anchor on HLN Thursday and Friday

Back on air after the birth of her son with her former CNN/HLN colleague Joe Carter, Susan Hendricks is scheduled to fill in today and on Friday for Michaela Pereira on her late morning show, Michaela.

When HLN was still led by Albie Hecht, Hendricks opted out of her contract in early 2015. But with Hecht out the door and Ken Jautz in charge of the network, she returned in early 2016 to anchor Weekend Express while Lynn Smith began her own maternity leave.

Following Smith’s return, Hendricks took her own maternity leave.

An HLN spokeswoman says Hendricks is working as a freelance anchor with the network.

HLN’s new three anchors speak out

The new faces of HLN moving forward, Morning Express anchor Robin Meade, Michaela anchor Michaela Pereira, and Erica Hill, who will anchor an unnamed two-hour show following Pereira’s, were out speaking during a session Sunday at the Television Critics Association conference about the future of Turner-owned HLN.

HLN announced on Sunday that Hill’s new news program, which will originate from CNN’s New York studios, will begin airing in September. She has already begun appearing on CNN as a guest anchor, and Hill reported on the conventions for Morning Express.

Their shows will carry out the new mission of HLN, offering a faster pace and wider range of news stories than does CNN, while skewing a bit younger and a bit more female, reports the AP.

“For each of us, with our shows, we have three different personalities,” Pereira added. “That will come through in our broadcasts.”

Erica Hill debuts on CNN

Ahead of the fall launch of her new daytime HLN news program, Erica Hill made her re-debut on CNN this afternoon, guest-anchoring Brooke Baldwin’s CNN Newsroom alongside anchor Don Lemon.

Hill will anchor her new HLN show from New York, which will further diversify HLN’s programming. Previously, all of the shows originated from the network’s Atlanta studios, save for Dr. Drew — but now, the morning lineup will originate from Atlanta with Robin Meade, followed by Los Angeles, with Michaela Pereira’s new daytime show, Michaela, and then Hill’s unnamed show, out of New York.

She is expected to contribute to CNN even after the launch of her HLN show in the fall.