NRA’s Dana Loesch to appear in CNN’s town hall on gun violence

The National Rifle Association has accepted CNN’s invitation to appear in its Wednesday town hall hosted by anchor Jake Tapper, Stand Up: The Students of Stoneman Douglas Demand Action. It airs at 9pm.

The NRA will send national spokesperson and frequent cable news pundit Dana Loesch to represent their interests during the town hall event.

In addition to community members and students, state Representative Ted Deutch and Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio, and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel have also agreed to participate.

Both President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Rick Scott turned down CNN’s invitations to participate.

“With only two weeks left of our annual legislative session, Governor Rick Scott will be in Tallahassee meeting with state leaders to work on ways to keep Florida students safe, including school safety improvements and keeping guns away from individuals struggling with mental illness,” a spokesperson for the governor told CNN.

Petition to fire CNN’s Ana Navarro

CNN political contributor Ana Navarro is the next CNNer to have a petition started to have CNN fire her.

The petition, which has a paltry 160 signers, calls for CNN’s Jeff Zucker to “immediately” fire Navarro.

We demand CNN immediately fire so-called “Republican strategist” Ana Navarro based on the falsification of her credentials, her lack of any particular expertise on political matters and her obvious bias toward Presidential flame-out Jeb Bush as well as her general stupidity. Should Jeff Zucker and CNN ignore this petition, the next step will be civil disobedience at various CNN bureaus and orchestrated verbal confrontation with CNN on-air talent.

The people will not be denied. Ana Navarro must go!

CNN pushes on Bush’s coms director: We want the candidate, not you

Yesterday morning on CNN’s New Day, Alisyn Camerota let her displeasure be known. Rather than interviewing the candidate himself, the Jeb Bush campaign dispatched the communications director, Tim Miller, to do an interview with Camerota on the morning show, rather than the candidate himself.

Camerota pointed out that candidates Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, and even Marco Rubio, who until just recently had been boycotting CNN, were all appearing on New Day themselves — not their aides.

“It’s nice to have you, but, with all due respect, where is the candidate? Where is Jeb Bush? Shouldn’t I be speaking with the candidate?” Camerota pressured.

When Miller deflected, saying he was flying to New Hampshire for another campaign event, Camerota interrupted him. “This morning, other candidates have made time to be on our program, to give us a sort of post-debate wrap-up.” She went on, “So, shouldn’t Jeb Bush be talking about what happened last night?”

“I’m sorry you’re stuck with me, Alisyn,” Miller responded dully.

(H/t Poynter via Johnny Dollar)

Marco Rubio ends his CNN boycott

GOP presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio has ended his CNN boycott with an interview with CNN’s new special correspondent, Jamie Gangel.

The interview aired on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday and on New Day Monday morning.

Rubio had been passing over CNN’s offers to appear on their programming for well over two months, while still appearing on competing networks.

When CNNMoney asked Rubio’s spokesman for comment on his CNN absence, spokesman Alex Conant said, “We don’t comment on our media strategy.”

Marco Rubio is (silently) boycotting CNN

Much to-do is made about GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and his boycotts of Fox News (and his criticisms of CNN).

But CNN has a specific candidate boycotting them: Florida senator Marco Rubio, reports CNNMoney’s Tom Kludt. Over a two-month span, the network “has sent daily interview requests to Marco Rubio” and “each time, the campaign has passed,” while still appearing on other networks.

When asked for comment, Rubio spokesperson Alex Conant said, “We don’t comment on our media strategy.”

The last time he appeared on CNN was August 7 on the morning show New Day, where he had a tense encounter with anchor Chris Cuomo about when life begins.

Ratings: Nancy Grace beat Hayes

HLN primetime host Nancy Grace beat out MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes on Monday – which, isn’t something terribly new. But…

MSNBC lost to HLN the day following Hillary Clinton announcing she was running for president, and the day Marco Rubio announced he was running for president. So the 2016 election cycle is in full swing, and MSNBC, ‘the place for politics’ – lost to the crime and justice program, Nancy Grace.

HLN’s Nancy Grace

Nancy pulled in 145,000 demo viewers, whereas Hayes only attracted 134,000 demo viewers.

The day after the midterm elections, Morning Joe also lost to HLN in the demo, with Morning Express topping it.

Tapper interviews Marco Rubio

On yesterday’s edition of CNN Newsroom, in a conversation with political commentator Michael Smerconish, Brooke Baldwin challenged Republican candidate Marco Rubio to go on CNN as opposed to going the “softball” route and going on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program.

Smerconish opined, “[Republican candidates] can go [to Fox News] in primary season, and that can be a successful strategy, that is not how you win a general election. Sooner or later, you better be on CNN.”

And that happened.

Of all the people to pick at CNN, Tapper was the best choice; not only does he keep any personal political ideology out of his questions (and anchoring), he actually said “I think he should [run for president],” on the Hugh Hewitt Show in January.

The Lead‘s Jake Tapper conducted a very good interview with Rubio a little over a halfway through his hour-long program.

On the issue of same sex marriage, Tapper pointed out, “On that issue, same sex marriage, senator, you’re the candidate of yesterday.”

“Well, a couple of points. That’s an issue that will be largely determined at the state level,” Rubio countered. “Marriage laws have always been defined by the state, I’m not, for example, ever supported a constitutional amendment to define marriage. I believe states define marriage in their laws.”

Later on, Tapper posed: “Do you pledge to support the Republican nominee, whoever it is, even if it is somebody you disagree with so strongly on foreign issues… like Senator Rand Paul?” Pausing, he added, “Just as an observation: I think you probably agree with Hillary Clinton on more matters pertaining to foreign policy than you do with Rand Paul.”

Watch the full interview:

Minutes after appearing on The Lead, Rubio appeared on sister station CNN en Espanol, where Juan Carlos Lopez did an interview with him.

Marco Rubio accepts Brooke Baldwin’s challenge

Yesterday on CNN Newsroom, anchor Brooke Baldwin suggested presidential candidate Marco Rubio come to CNN for their out-of-the gate interview, as opposed to going to the “soft-ball” Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Political commentator and CNN host Michael Smerconish offered up, “I don’t think it’s necessary the level of the questioning, or the lack of intensity of the questioning… It’s all about the base. Where do you wanna go if you want to reach older, white males? It’s, it’s the Fox News, and it’s to that program in particular… because those are the individuals who carry the sway in the primaries and caucuses, so they’re going where the votes are. But Brooke, here’s the kicker: they can go there in primary season, and that can be a successful strategy, that is not how you win a general election. Sooner or later, you better be on CNN.”

“Amen,” Brooke concurred.

Well, Rubio took the challenge.

He will be sitting down with The Lead‘s Jake Tapper today at 4pm.


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