CNN dropped Mark Geragos amid reporting he is Michael Avenatti’s unnamed co-conspirator in extortion charge

CNN announced it no longer has well-known Hollywood attorney and fixer Mark Geragos on its payroll as a legal commentator amid widespread reporting that he was the unnamed co-conspirator in Michael Avenatti’s extortion charge against Nike. Avenatti rose to stardom defending Stormy Daniels.

“Mark Geragos is no longer a CNN contributor,” a spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter on Monday.

“Mr. Avenatti and Mr. Geragos, the alleged co-conspirator, met with lawyers for Nike in New York on March 19 and threatened to release damaging information unless the company agreed to pay the two lawyers millions of dollars and another $1.5 million to the client Avenatti claimed to represent,” the Wall Street Journal reports of the complaint filed against Avenatti.

CNN noted Geragos was not charged with a crime.

Geragos didn’t return CNN’s request for comment.

CNN “hotly pursuing” legal expert Michael Cardoza

Michael Cardoza, an attorney based out of Walnut Creek, California, is on CNN’s radar. According to local San Francisco blogger Rich Lieberman’s sources, the network is “hotly pursuing” the defense attorney and former prosecutor.

“Cardoza is an in-your-face, rambunctious, take-no-prisoner analyst who doesn’t mince words,” Lieberman notes, before pointing out that on his current platform of KTVU, he is “highly entertaining too.”

CNN is planning on meeting with him in the coming weeks, the report notes, to have Cardoza join the network as a full-time legal analyst and commentator.

Years ago, he had appeared on the network as a frequent guest on Larry King Live.