KTVU tried to lure CNN’s Sara Sidner back to her old gig: report

According to a report from Bay Area media blogger Rich Lieberman, KTVU executives offered “the world” to CNN senior correspondent Sara Sidner to try to get her to return to KTVU, but she ultimately passed them up and is remaining at CNN.

Sidner is based out of CNN’s Los Angeles bureau and occasionally fills in on the Los Angeles edition of CNN Newsroom that airs on CNN International and is occasionally simulcast on CNN Domestic.

CNN “hotly pursuing” legal expert Michael Cardoza

Michael Cardoza, an attorney based out of Walnut Creek, California, is on CNN’s radar. According to local San Francisco blogger Rich Lieberman’s sources, the network is “hotly pursuing” the defense attorney and former prosecutor.

“Cardoza is an in-your-face, rambunctious, take-no-prisoner analyst who doesn’t mince words,” Lieberman notes, before pointing out that on his current platform of KTVU, he is “highly entertaining too.”

CNN is planning on meeting with him in the coming weeks, the report notes, to have Cardoza join the network as a full-time legal analyst and commentator.

Years ago, he had appeared on the network as a frequent guest on Larry King Live.

Former CNN reporter Ted Rowlands returns to KTVU

Former CNN national correspondent Ted Rowlands is returning to KTVU; an official announcement is expected on Wednesday. Rowlands worked for CNN from early 2004 until December 2014, working out of the San Fransisco and Los Angeles bureaus before ending his CNN career at the Chicago bureau.

According to media blogger Rich Lieberman’s report, Rowlands is expected to anchor and serve as a field reporter for KTVU.

It was his reporting for KTVU on high-profile cases that landed him appearances on CNN primetime Larry King Live which eventually catapulted him to a CNN correspondent gig.

Rowlands is expected to begin his new gig in the coming weeks.