kate bolduan

Pure Speculation, but… Kate Bolduan Gone?

Note: This is all pure speculation.  That being said… Is Zucker moving Kate to the door, and testing Brooke Baldwin as a replacement?  (It is worth noting in my ideal schedule change, I suggested Brooke take Kate’s spot). According to Baldwin’s tweet, she will joining the New Day team this […]

The Role of “Newsreader” on New Day

If you haven’t noticed this before, now that I mention it, you’ll see it every time (most likely).  The role of the newsreader (Michaela Pereira) varies vastly when she is there and when there is a fill-in.  Maybe it is just the anchors’ style, but when Michaela reads the headlines, […]

Notice Who Didn’t Get A Trial?

Did you notice who CNN didn’t drop a trial-run show to?  That’s right… CNN’s co-host of New Day, Kate Bolduan.  If you think about that, it doesn’t make any sense.  Numerous reports say Chris wants Kate gone, and just as many reports say Jeff Zucker has been looking for places to put […]

New Day’s “The Good Stuff” Ad

Lately, I have been a watcher of HLN’s Morning Express w/ Robin Meade as opposed to New Day, simply because of the awkwardness and animosity between the New Day hosts (namely Kate and Chris).  However, I watched New Day for probably the first six or seven months of its broadcast […]

The New Day / Morning Express Dilemma

Any one who has seen New Day and Morning Express knows there’s a problem.  The hosts of New Day are repulsed by each other.  Chris Cuomo quite visibly is contemptuous of Kate Bolduan, and Kate has an attitude with Chris.  Meanwhile, there’s Michaela Pereira, put in a very uncomfortable position when […]