John Avlon joins CNN fulltime as senior political analyst, fill-in anchor

CNN contributor (and now former) Daily Beast editor-in-chief John Avlon has joined CNN full-time as a fill-in anchor and senior political analyst, effective June 25, based out of the network’s New York bureau.

The network notes he will “have a daily presence on CNN’s morning program New Day,” which he had been doing unofficially for a period of time.

Avlon will also lend his talents in an advisory role to the digital leadership team, according to CNN.

In a statement, he said, “I’ve loved leading The Daily Beast newsroom, but after five years, it’s time for a new challenge. I am looking forward to joining CNN full time and becoming part of such a great independent global news organization. This is the best time to be a journalist, and the work CNN does to put ‘facts first’ is more important than ever before. I am thrilled to have this opportunity.”

John Avlon in the New Day anchor chair?

Soon, Chris Cuomo will be leaving New Day and going to primetime with his new show, Cuomo Primetime. John Berman has been named his replacement on the morning show.

But on both Monday and Tuesday, with Cuomo off and Jim Sciutto filling in, there was a third anchor, seated off to the side, and not front and center — CNN political analyst and Daily Beast editor-in-chief John Avlon, a frequent New Day commentator.

Avlon recently sat in for Kate Bolduan on CNN International’s State of America.

And now, he’s sitting as a third New Day host?

Kate Bolduan returns to work on April 9

A wide variety of CNN talent has filled in for Kate Bolduan on her maternity leave for CNN International’s State of America. This week, Canadian correspondent Paula Newton will fill in; next week, senior Congressional correspondent Manu Raju has been tapped to anchor for the week; and for the following week, CNN analyst John Avlon wil make a return to hosting the program, as announced by Bolduan’s executive producer, Jason Morrell.

And then, after Avlon — Bolduan returns from maternity leave on April 9 to take over hosting duties of CNN Domestic’s At This Hour and CNN International’s State of America.

John Avlon to anchor State of America this week

Longtime CNN political analyst and Daily Beast editor-in-chief John Avlon is in the anchor seat this week for CNN International’s State of America as Kate Bolduan’s maternity leave continues.

The program has called upon some of CNN’s political journalists to anchor while Bolduan has been gone, as well as some of CNN’s political analysts, like Avlon and more recently, CNN’s Kirsten Powers.