More cuts to come at CNN

Last fall, Turner Broadcasting underwent a series of layoffs which they called Turner 2020.

And this fall, according to a report this morning from FTVLive, more cuts are expected to take place at CNN and Turner Entertainment.

Last fall, shows such as Rachel Nichols’ Unguarded, HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell, and Christine Romans’ Your Money were cut; also, CNN en Espanol anchor Glenda Umana was laid off. CNN International’s Christiane Amanpour’s New York-based staff was also cut.

Jane Velez-Mitchell’s new gig

Former HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell has landed a new gig! She left HLN in October after her primetime show was canceled as part of Turner Broadcasting cuts.

Jordan Chariton of TheWrap has the details of her new gig:

Jane Velez-Mitchell, former longtime HLN anchor, is launching a new show on following her as she builds her new social media network,

The show will go behind the scenes, spotlighting Jane as she builds out the social site with parter Donna Dennison. The website will focus on Jane’s attempt to raise awareness of changes to the planet and the animals affected.

“Social media is where it’s at and I’m thrilled to be on the cutting edge of it,” Velez-Mitchell said. “Our original content tears down the 4th wall and offers an uncensored look at the grueling yet exhilarating nature of social activism.”

“Jane Velez-Mitchell is an incredible talent, and she compassionately speaks for the voiceless,” ConnectPal CEO and former Premiere Networks Nationally Syndicated Radio Host Andy Dean, said. “I am extremely excited that Jane Velez-Mitchell’s fans will get to connect more closely with Jane’s compelling commentary.”

Jane Velez-Mitchell has bounced back

Jane Velez-Mitchell is already back in action! Although her eponymous program on HLN was canceled, Jane hasn’t wasted any time getting back at it.

She will be running an animal rights show every day at 7pm ET on her Facebook page. It’s not quite the same as her HLN show (or set), but it is, in my opinion, great that Jane is back and hosting a show.

Jane’s Facebook page can be found here.

Her first episode can be found here.

Jane Velez-Mitchell has been canceled

HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell has just been canceled, effectively immediately. Forensic Files will air in its place tonight.

Jane will be leaving the network.

TVNewser has the details:

Breaking: Jane Velez Mitchell‘s nightly HLN show has been canceled, part of deep cuts at CNN today. Velez Mitchell will be leaving the network, as will the staff of the show. In all about 15 staffers, we’ve learned.

Velez Mitchell was a contributor to the network even before she got her own show which launched 6 years ago this week. Velez Mitchell was thrust onto the HLN schedule Oct. 17, 2006, when Glenn Beck abruptly departed for Fox News Channel.

As it turns out, Velez Mitchell’s final episode last night finished as the No. 1 HLN primetime show in the demo Monday, even beating Chris Matthews on MSNBC. “Forensic Files” will air at 7pmET tonight.

What is HLN, really?

It’s nothing new that HLN has difficulty with its identity.  It started out as CNN Headline News and has since evolved (perhaps devolved is a better word) into something else.  The only true gold mines at HLN are Morning Express and Nancy Grace (though I do like JVM), while everything else is just seriously lacking.  During the week, you get your “news in the fast lane” from 6am-10am (technically till noon, but I’m not a fan of when HLN repeats their supposed newscasts).  HLN has a bit of an identity crisis: are we a news network, a crime/justice/legal network, or a tabloid/entertainment network?  And throughout the seven days of a week, HLN tries to be a bit of everything.

Let’s look at the description of HLN’s two morning shows and compare them.

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Jane Velez-Mitchell / Dr. Drew Repeat

Jane Velez-Mitchell and Dr. Drew on Call need a repeat.  If I recall correctly, they used to have one (I think!) but it was evidently removed in favor of Forensic Files.  Nancy Grace has her show at 8pm and then a repeat at 2am; there isn’t any real reason not to give JVM and Drew one, as well.  Every other news network (CNN/MSNBC/FOX) starts rebroadcasting their evening newscasts at 11pm.  Considering HLN goes to Forensic Files at 10pm, it would make sense to allow that show to air for a few hours, and then begin the rebroadcasting of HLN’s evening shows.

Forensic Files are what HLN lives for, but there’s no reason they can’t give away two hours (or one, even) and rebroadcast Jane-Velez Mitchell.  JVM could air at 1am, and Nancy Grace could continue to air at 2am as it already does, and Dr. Drew on Call could air at 3am.  However, I understand not rebroadcasting Dr Drew on Call – it’s not as much of a newsy show and it doesn’t do terribly well in the ratings.  Continue reading “Jane Velez-Mitchell / Dr. Drew Repeat”

HLN Friday Schedule Changes

Starting today, every HLN primetime show (JVM, Nancy Grace, and Dr. Drew on Call) is officially airing only on Monday-Thursday. Up until this point, HLN had a live show at 7pm, and at 8pm, there was a taped Nancy Grace Mysteries. (On Call was already only four days a week). From now on, however, Forensic Files will begin airing at 5pm on Fridays (so when HLN Now: On the Case ends) and continue on until 7am Saturday morning when Weekend Express starts.

An HLN spokesperson said of the change, “This is a new schedule change, beginning today. HLN’s Friday programming block of Forensic Files episodes starts at 5pm ET beginning June 27th, pre-empting Jane Velez-Mitchell on Fridays only.”

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News Breaks – Nancy’s on CNN

Last night, on Nancy Grace’s show, she was interviewing the father of Charlie Bothuell when she informed him that his son was actually found alive, in his basement. It was quite a bizarre interview – I actually rewound it twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything (and I didn’t… it was just that strange!). Today, Nancy Grace is talking with the dad again on her show at 8pm.

But it was reported, about ten minutes or so into Erin Burnett Outfront and on Jane Velez-Mitchell that Charlie’s stepmother had been arrested. Where was the HLN star? Not on with Jane – the moment both CNN and HLN began running with the notion of the stepmother being arrested, Erin was speaking with Nancy over a phone call. That’s right… she was on CNN, not on her own network of HLN, to discuss the details of the stepmother’s arrest.

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