Ivan Cabrera leaves CNN…again

Weekend meteorologist Ivan Cabrera is officially leaving CNN and HLN to join the weather team at ABC’s Tampa, Florida station, he announced on Twitter.

He left CNN in 2014, only to re-appear in a freelance basis shortly thereafter. When he returned to work at CNN, Cabrera was HLN’s Weekend Express‘s meteorologist and appeared on CNN International.

Lynn Berry, meet Lynn Smith

Over the weekend, HLN weekend anchor Lynn Berry married her fiancé, and appears to have taken his name, because she put up her wedding picture, writing that “life is better as Mrs. Smith.”

Both her Instagram and Twitter (formerly @LynnBerryTV) have been updated, and are now @LynnSmithTV.

Guest anchor Melissa Knowles, along with supporting cast Coy Wire and Ivan Cabrera, played a clip of her choosing her engagement photo shoot area, and at the end (about 3:53), discussed her wedding and showed wedding pictures:

She will return to Weekend Express on May 9.

HLN sends Lynn Berry off to her wedding

HLN anchor Lynn Berry is getting married this week. She announced over the Thanksgiving holiday that she had gotten engaged, and over the past few weeks, she has been chronicling her taste-tests on Weekend Express.

Her colleagues, meteorologist Ivan Cabrera and sports reporter Coy Wire, prepared a send-off for her:

"Congrats Lynn from the boyz"
“Congrats Lynn from the boyz”

Ivan and Lynn also did a little bit during Weekend Express:

Plus… There’s this:

Lynn is taking two weeks off and will return to hosting Weekend Express on May 9.

CNN/HLN Weekend Studios

CNN unveiled a new look for New Day Weekend and CNN Newsroom, moving into a very modified Studio H. The remodeled set, shown below, is very reminiscent of Studio 71, CNN’s New York studio for New Day weekdays:

HLN had a new look for Weekend Express too, since they moved into CNN’s Studio 7.


7/4/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of 5:00 ET…

On this Fourth of July, there is no Early Start. In its place is an extended New Day.

Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira are anchoring; Christine Romans is in as newsreader. CNNI meteorologist Ivan Cabrera is handling the forecast for Hurricane Arthur from CNN Center during the 5am hour. Karen Maginnis is handling the forecast in the 6-9am block.

Ana Cabrera is in for Carol Costello on CNN Newsroom.

Brianna Keilar is in for Wolf Blitzer on Wolf.

Brianna Keilar is in for Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room.