HLN Now On the Case

HLN Now: On The Case – Extended?

It’s been reported here that HLN changed its afternoon lineup. Originally, HLN Now: On The Case aired from 12-3p ET, and HLN Now with Mike Galanos went from 3-5p. Shortly thereafter, HLN decided against that schedule, and slotted HLN Now from 12-3p, and cut On the Case down to two […]

Vinnie Politan is gone

In a very disappointing fashion, Vinnie Politan did his last newscast on HLN. HLN was wall-to-wall with trial coverage, and the only mention of his leaving was in the middle of Vinnie asking Joey Jackson for some analysis. It was short — there weren’t pictures of his best moments, there […]

HLN Now: On The Case Won’t Be Axed

With the news of Vinnie Politan leaving HLN , I wondered the fate of his show, HLN Now: On The Case. Many shows have gotten canceled because their hosts move on, and a new show fills the void. I hoped that wouldn’t be the case, and according to an email […]

HLN Programming Changes

Starting Monday, HLN Now: On the Case will air from 2-5pm ET. (Before, it aired from 12-3pm). HLN Now (which aired from 3-5pm) will now air from 12-2pm. In a way, it makes sense. The last two hours (10-12pm) of Morning Express are taped, so a live block of news […]

HLN Weekday Schedule Face-lift

6-10am ET – Morning Express with Robin Meade, Jennifer Westhoven, Bob Van Dillen, Brian McFayden 10-12pm ET – HLN Now: This Morning with Susan Hendricks, Zain Asher, PJ, Joe Carter 12-3pm ET – HLN Now: On the Case with Vinnie Politan 3-3:30pm ET – Bleacher Report (rotating host of Bleacher […]