Political Anchor on Morning Express

As you probably have caught on by now, I really like Morning Express – the only show worth watching consistently on HLN (though On The Case is good; it just depends on the case they’re covering and on my level of interest on that case).  But I also REALLY like hearing about political stories.  Sure, Robin covers them (barely) as needed, but that really isn’t satisfactory. Business news is covered relatively thoroughly by Jennifer Westhoven (though since her maternity leave, it has been Maribel Aber, who has been doing alright but nothing spectacular) and the weather is covered very thoroughly by weather anchor Bob Van Dillen(too thoroughly, if you ask me…).  There is someone from Bleacher Report who offers the sports headlines, too.  And of course, Robin handles the headlines.  Everything on HLN is covered well – except politics.  Why not?  It’s the only thing that is left out on Morning Express.

And it doesn’t make any sense.  HLN and CNN are owned by the same people; they have constant crossovers.  As I mentioned in Morning Express with Christi Paul (a blog post where I made the argument HLN needs to have a live show from 10-12 EST as opposed to a repeat of the earlier hours of Morning Express), live news is important.  News itself is important. Continue reading “Political Anchor on Morning Express”

HLN Primetime Shouting Matches

People watch newscasts/opinion-casts to get the news or hear people offer their views.  They don’t watch them to see who can yell the loudest.  But if you watched HLN, you would think it was just a competition to see who could yell and be the most obnoxious.  Unfortunately, it is a real turn-off. Continue reading “HLN Primetime Shouting Matches”

HLN Weekend Express Taped

I don’t watch HLN during the weekends, normally.  I’m a fan of Christi Paul, so I naturally watch New Day Weekend.  But during commercials, I will occasionally flip to HLN.  Every time I did (and it was about 7:30 EST, so just thirty minutes after it went on air), it lacked the ‘live’ text above the “Weekend Express” icon.  I noticed this last week when I watched then, too.  But last week, it was later in the episode, so I just assumed the beginning was live and then the end was on tape (like Morning Express with Robin Meade – which isn’t acceptable that is taped, but that’s beside the point).

Today, however, I realized the entire broadcast was on tape.  (Note: I am basing this post off of last Saturday and Sunday’s Weekend Express and then today’s Weekend Express).  Continue reading “HLN Weekend Express Taped”

Morning Express w/ … Christi Paul

Today and tomorrow (Friday), Christi Paul is scheduled to be filling in for Robin Meade on Morning Express. I’ve watched her on CNN’s New Day Weekends, and she does fantastic, so I was eager to see how she would do filling in for Robin Meade.  (To be completely open: I’ve watched CNN for about three years now and have been watching HLN on and off for about two or so months, so it is possible Christi has filled in for Robin earlier than this instant and I’ve just missed it or didn’t think anything of it).  This morning, she did excellent.  She is everything Robin Meade is and more: she’s pretty, she’s an excellent host, and she is very charismatic.  Unlike Robin Meade, though, Christi acts intelligent too and not just giggly, a role Robin plays pretty well.

From 6-10, Morning Express with Robin Meade is live.  From 10-12, Morning Express is on tape.  (I read somewhere it is because Robin Meade does a radio show at that point; not positive on that point, so don’t quote me).  But the problem is, at no point should news be taped.  News shows should be live.  (I hate how in the evening, after 10 or 11 on some networks, it is repeats.  That is aggravating but understandable; it’s late).  In the morning, though, there is no excuse.

My solution? Continue reading “Morning Express w/ … Christi Paul”

Piers Morgan’s Role, Moving Forward

I’ve read numerous reports, stating that it is possible that Piers may stay on at CNN, just no longer at the 9m slot.  To be fair, I’m not a fan of Piers Morgan Live, and I think the show being canceled is great.  (Now there is a gap in the 9 and 10pm slot, since PMT and AC360 Later were both canceled recently).  However, I could see him becoming a CNN Special Correspondent or a CNN Entertainment Correspondent.  He does well at certain things (arguing namely, but also special events, such as the Queen’s Jubilee), and could still serve CNN well in some capacity. Continue reading “Piers Morgan’s Role, Moving Forward”

The New Day / Morning Express Dilemma

Any one who has seen New Day and Morning Express knows there’s a problem.  The hosts of New Day are repulsed by each other.  Chris Cuomo quite visibly is contemptuous of Kate Bolduan, and Kate has an attitude with Chris.  Meanwhile, there’s Michaela Pereira, put in a very uncomfortable position when both anchors hate each other – and make no effort to conceal it when on live television.

And there is New Day’s quiet but desirable stepsister, Morning Express on HLN.  I’ve seen numerous people suggest a “fix” for CNN’s morning woes: either a) bring Robin Meade as a co-host for Chris Cuomo or b) bring Morning Express over to CNN in its current form.

Both of those will cause some problems. Continue reading “The New Day / Morning Express Dilemma”