HLN News and Views

There aren’t very many talking heads at CNN I’m terribly fond of.  However, a rather recent hire by CNN was Mel Robbins, who was hired as a CNN commentator and a legal analyst.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked her – she was rather blunt and pretty much said whatever she felt like saying.  After a while of her regularly appearing on Ashleigh Banfield’s Legal View (and in time, appearing on Don Lemon’s CNN Special Report), I began to think more fondly of her, and I began to like the way she presented her commentary.  Yes, she says whatever she wants.  Yes, she’s sometimes vulgar.  But she makes it interesting, if nothing else.

So I say… Give her a show.  Give her a shot at something.

To be fair, she’s not CNN material.  Despite what some may say about CNN, they do their best to remain a news organization (with a bit of other nonsense as of late, I confess… But nothing like what Mel Robbins could bring to the table).  So, where would be a good fit for her?  Why, with HLN!

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Weekend Express is Officially Lynn Berry’s Show

Although for what may seem to have been forever, Lynn Berry has been anchoring Weekend Express, her name never appeared on the show. (Note: The previous anchor was Natasha Curry, who left HLN). Today, however, that changed.

Last week, HLN gave Weekend Express a slight makeover. They now have different colors (it was predominantly blue and yellow, and now it is a lighter blue and a soft gray) and different sounds for transitioning from segment to segment. This week, they made another minor adjustment to their new title graphic: they added Lynn’s name. Continue reading “Weekend Express is Officially Lynn Berry’s Show”

Zain Asher is on Morning Express’s Set

Since Jennifer Westhoven started her maternity leave from HLN’s Morning Express, for the most part, Maribel Aber has been her primary fill-in.  She works for CNN Newsource as a business correspondent, reporting for various CNN affiliates in the local media.  She is live from the NASDAQ set.  Yet for the past few days, Zain Asher has filled in instead for Jennifer Westhoven – and she was in Atlanta with the MXP team.

Occasionally, when Zain filled in, she just did the Your Money segment from the New York City bureau.  It doesn’t make sense to me why all of a sudden, now Zain is on set with them in Atlanta.

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AC360 Bulletin Presenters

Ever since Isha Sesay left Anderson Cooper 360 as the primary presenter of the 360 Bulletin, the presenters have been on a rotating basis.  For some people, a constant rotation is an okay thing.  For me, however, I prefer consistency.  (For example: I hated when New Day Weekend didn’t have permanent anchors and were on a constant rotation, with completely random people filling in [and likely auditioning] for the slot).  The 360 Bulletin isn’t as long (obviously) as New Day Weekend, so a rotating person isn’t as bad.  But still… Why not get someone with whom Anderson has excellent chemistry, and pair them together permanently?

Being the Bulletin presenter is hardly a fulltime position.  I mean, it is at most like, what-  three minutes?  (Two minutes may be more accurate…).  So, having a full-time CNN correspondent also doing the 360 Bulletin shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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Anchor the Weekend, Sub on the Week

If you anchor a show (either on CNN or HLN) during the weekend, and the weekday host is off during the week, in my opinion, it makes sense to have them fill in weekdays.  Think about it: the viewers are already used to them on the weekends, so seeing them subbing weekdays wouldn’t be something that’s too surprising, and it would be a face and a personality you’re used to seeing hosting.

Most specifically, I’m referring to New Day.  It would make sense to fly Victor Blackwell and/or Christi Paul to New York from Atlanta during the week if one of the main anchors are scheduled to be absent.  (After all, CNN does like flying people to other bureaus, even if for only one day, to anchor a show).

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