7/16/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of 8:00 ET…

Poppy Harlow is in for Christine Romans on Early Start.

Christi Paul is in for Robin Meade on HLN’s Morning Express.

Deborah Feyerick is in for Ashleigh Banfield on Legal View.

Jean Casarez is in for Nancy Grace on HLN’s Nancy Grace.

What is HLN, really?

It’s nothing new that HLN has difficulty with its identity.  It started out as CNN Headline News and has since evolved (perhaps devolved is a better word) into something else.  The only true gold mines at HLN are Morning Express and Nancy Grace (though I do like JVM), while everything else is just seriously lacking.  During the week, you get your “news in the fast lane” from 6am-10am (technically till noon, but I’m not a fan of when HLN repeats their supposed newscasts).  HLN has a bit of an identity crisis: are we a news network, a crime/justice/legal network, or a tabloid/entertainment network?  And throughout the seven days of a week, HLN tries to be a bit of everything.

Let’s look at the description of HLN’s two morning shows and compare them.

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Maybe Making the Case isn’t over

Making the Case was a show that was hosted by Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos, and it only had the opportunity to air once at 10:30pm on CNN. It was supposed to be a five-week experiment (along with The Don Lemon Show, that went on live at 10pm) that was cut painfully short because of CNN’s wall-to-wall coverage of MH370.

When I asked Sunny Hostin if it was safe to say Making the Case was definitely not returning (on either CNN or on HLN), she said:
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Jane Velez-Mitchell / Dr. Drew Repeat

Jane Velez-Mitchell and Dr. Drew on Call need a repeat.  If I recall correctly, they used to have one (I think!) but it was evidently removed in favor of Forensic Files.  Nancy Grace has her show at 8pm and then a repeat at 2am; there isn’t any real reason not to give JVM and Drew one, as well.  Every other news network (CNN/MSNBC/FOX) starts rebroadcasting their evening newscasts at 11pm.  Considering HLN goes to Forensic Files at 10pm, it would make sense to allow that show to air for a few hours, and then begin the rebroadcasting of HLN’s evening shows.

Forensic Files are what HLN lives for, but there’s no reason they can’t give away two hours (or one, even) and rebroadcast Jane-Velez Mitchell.  JVM could air at 1am, and Nancy Grace could continue to air at 2am as it already does, and Dr. Drew on Call could air at 3am.  However, I understand not rebroadcasting Dr Drew on Call – it’s not as much of a newsy show and it doesn’t do terribly well in the ratings.  Continue reading “Jane Velez-Mitchell / Dr. Drew Repeat”

Vinnie Politan is gone

In a very disappointing fashion, Vinnie Politan did his last newscast on HLN. HLN was wall-to-wall with trial coverage, and the only mention of his leaving was in the middle of Vinnie asking Joey Jackson for some analysis. It was short — there weren’t pictures of his best moments, there wasn’t some tearful tribute. In all, it was very disappointing.

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CNN Severe Weather Center

CNN’s Severe Weather Center isn’t really a ‘center’ – it’s just a screen off of Studio 7 in Atlanta.  But with Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello leaving CNN Center, it doesn’t make sense for the Severe Weather Center to stay behind.  It would make sense to split the weather center; basically, CNN Domestic only has three meteorologists: Indra Petersons (who is already in NYC and is the weather anchor for Early Start and New Day and occasionally on CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello), Chad Meyers (who is also their severe weather expert) and Jennifer Gray.

Send Chad Meyers to CNN DC.  He is the go-to weather guy, anyway, and his reports are showcased primarily on the DC-based programs (The Lead and the Situation Room), and it would only make sense for him to just be in-studio with them.  Continue reading “CNN Severe Weather Center”