Robin Meade beats Morning Joe

Let me set the stage. It’s the day after the elections. Who do you turn to? CNN, Fox News, MSNBC… or HLN?
(For the record… I turned to Morning Express).

In the demo, Fox won 6-9am with 384,000 viewers; second place was CNN with 117,000; third place was HLN with 107,000; and MSNBC came in fourth with 106,000.

Instead of MSNBC soaring the morning after the elections (and toppling HLN and potentially CNN), it came in fourth.

Congratulations, Robin and team.

Pictures: CNNI in Studio H

World Sport with Lara Baldesarra has been in Studio H since Monday.

Today, I made the time to take some screen grabs of how CNNI utilizes Studio H (home to HLN…most notably, Robin Meade).

Check it out:







She uses the studio very well (like Morning Express). Most CNNI programs don’t showcase their anchors moving around much (with the exception of maybe Robyn Curnow and definitely Richard Quest), but Lara moves around Studio H, using just about every camera shot fathomable.

This will also be the only CNNI program to utilize a couch.

Lisa Lillien to HLN

HLN has added a cooking expert to its team. Lisa Lillien will contribute on-air, as well as online for HLN.

Variety has the story:

Lisa Lillien, a cooking expert who operates a nutrition and recipe site under the moniker “Hungry Girl,” will contribute video segments to various programs on Time Warner’s HLN network.

Lillien will do approximately 30 segments a year for HLN, as well as provide content for the network’s website. Lillien’s segments will air on HLN programs “Morning Express with Robin Meade,” “News Now” and “Weekend Express with Lynn Berry.”

World Sport moves to Studio H

Magical studios continues!

Yesterday evening, CNN International’s World Sport with Lara Baldesarra came from Studio H (home to Morning Express and HLN Now). HLN will be moving to CNN’s Studio 7 soon, and the remodeling is currently underway.

On Sunday, World Sport came from the newsroom. They can’t use the studio, because CNN Today with Michael Holmes and Amara Walker are using it.

When asked if they will continue to use Studio H, Lara said she believes they will.

Here’s a quick cap of what it looked like (taken during the CNN Sport Now update during CNN Tonight)…


HLN begins remodeling Studio 7

HLN has begun remodeling CNN’s Studio 7, I have been told by a source with knowledge of the situation.

In addition, the source said that “new shows will debut…in January.” In addition, as has been said on other occasions, many of those shows are not produced by HLN, but by production houses.

Rehearsals have been going on for months for The Daily Share.

Robin Meade to perform in Vegas

Last night, HLN anchor Robin Meade teased a “fun announcement” that she would make during the 7am and 8am hours.

During Morning Express, as promised, she delivered her “fun” news — she will be performing in Las Vegas in December, using her time off.

On her website, she said:

“After 20 years of helming the morning news, it still comes as a surprise to many people that I’ve been a vocalist longer than that! I relish this chance to join Human Nature for their Christmas show,” said Meade. “If the experience is anything like our ‘Sleigh Ride’ duet on their new album, the energy for the audience is going to be combustible! Honored, and pumped!”

Great news for Robin… But for the viewers? Looks like we’ll have a huge chunk of our Christmas month without our morning anchor!

Ty Pennington comes to HLN

Ty Pennington will be coming to HLN for a short-term series.

TVNewser has the details:

“Growing America: A Journey to Success” follows teams of MBA students from the MBAs Across America program, who are given one week to use their expertise to transform businesses and positively affect communities in cities across the U.S. The 6-episode program, debuting Sunday, November 16 at 9pmET, is an entry into the sponsored content arena for HLN.

“This collaboration speaks to the strength of both brands and how we connect with millions of Americans on a daily basis,” says Katrina Cukaj, EVP of CNN/HLN Ad Sales. “This partnership also represents an important step forward for both HLN and the Holiday Inn brand in the way in which we now connect with our audiences – in person, on television and through digital channels.”

If nothing else… It’s nice to see HLN break up their nonstop Forensic Files block on the weekends.