fredricka whitfield

CNN EP departs

The former executive producer of Around The World with Suzanne Malveaux and Michael Holmes has left CNN, The Daily Caller reports. She was most recently moved to the weekends, where […]

Format change on CNN Tonight

I realize this is the only the first time this has happened (and the second time Alisyn Camerota has co-anchored with Don), but tonight, CNN Tonight made an interesting (and altogether unfortunate) change.  After the first commercial break, Don Lemon was on set, alone, and he conducted an interview, and […]

Special Programming 7/20 – 7/21

Today’s special programming… 2pm ET — Newsroom with Fredricka Whitfield 5pm ET — Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto 9pm ET — The Hunt with John Walsh 10pm ET — CNN Tonight with Don Lemon 12am ET — The Hunt (repeat) 1am ET — Newsroom with John Vause and […]

Joan Rivers walks out on Fredricka Whitfield

It’s not exactly a secret that Fredricka Whitfield is my least favorite CNN anchor, but even if she weren’t, this would still make me laugh.  She was conducting an interview with Joan Rivers, and the comedienne evidently didn’t appreciate her line of questioning, so she simply left! Watch: (Video credit […]