Erin Burnett

CNN Tonight: 9pm; eventually 10pm

So, let’s make our way through the mystery surrounding CNN Tonight.  A mix of this will be speculation and fact; as to not confuse anyone, I’ll be sure to make it evident when I’m speculating or when I’m discussing what is already confirmed. Let’s start with what we know: starting […]

Erin Burnett OutFront… At least, Out

As a result of the “new” temporary evening/late night schedule, Erin Burnett Outfront has noticeably lost its repeat.  (No complaints from me, mind; EBO needs to go, and so do repeats).  But it’s amusing.  If you think about it, Anderson is pulling insane hours on some nights.  Just this week, […]

Who Anchors What? – Crossfire, Outfront, AC360

The panelists of Crossfire are: Newt Gingrich – panelist Stephanie Cutter  – panelist Van Jones – panelist S.E. Cupp – panelist Sally Kohn – primary guest panelist Note: Stephanie Cutter is on maternity leave; Sally Kohn is her primary replacement. The presenter of Outfront is: Erin Burnett – host The presenter of […]

Why ICYMI Should Return Permanently

In Case You Missed It, which aired at 11:30-midnight for a few weeks at the end of last year during Erin Burnett’s maternity leave, was hosted by Brooke Baldwin.  The show and the premise was spectacular.  Other than a minor hiccup (where Brooke and Jake Tapper rehearsed a segment, and […]