HLN’s Dr. Drew leaving Loveline

HLN host Dr. Drew Pinsky, who hosts an eponymous talk show at 7pm on HLN, is leaving his radio show, Loveline, that he has hosted for the past 30 years. April 28 will be his last day on the program.

Billboard reports Pinsky is leaving Loveline to focus on his HLN program, as well as his other radio program with Mike Catherwood, and his podcast.

“I am not leaving radio,” he says in a statement. “The Loveline brand is still strong and perhaps we will bring it back some day. But for now, this version is ending and I will be focusing on all of my other projects. It has been a privilege to have served the listeners and share deeply in personal stories. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity.”

HLN apparently now has two hosts who can sing

It’s no surprise that HLN has one talent who can definitely sing — Robin Meade. She’s taken time off from her anchoring duties to perform in the past; and just a month ago, she performed the National Anthem at a NASCAR race.

But it isn’t just the morning show anchor who can sing… HLN primetime host Dr. Drew Pinsky can sing as well.

Saturday night, Dr. Drew Pinsky sang the national anthem before the Los Angeles Kings hockey game at the Staples Center, and wearing a King’s jersey, he proceeded to belt out the anthem operatically.

HLN moves Dr. Drew to a new time

HLN’s Dr. Drew, hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky, is moving to a new time, beginning next Monday — 7pm. So rather than trailing Nancy Grace, Pinsky’s show will be her lead-in.

The show is hosted live out of CNN’s Los Angeles bureau in front of a studio audience.

This isn’t the only programming move interim HLN boss Ken Jautz is making: also announced this week is that HLN is developing a three-hour show for CNN’s Michaela Pereira to anchor out of the Los Angeles studios.

Dr. Drew special takes on race in America

Tomorrow night at 9pm ET on HLN’s Dr. Drew, the HLN host will be joined by an audience and panel made up exclusively of African-Americans, according to the show’s Twitter account, to tackle the issue of race in America.

Doing a very specific-niched show isn’t new to Dr. Drew, who in the past has hosted a special on transgenders in America and had a studio audience and panel composed of only transgenders; and he also did a Donald Trump special, with a panel and studio audience only of Trump supporters.

Security escorts audience member out of Dr. Drew’s set

For the first time in Dr. Drew history since installing a live studio audience, the show was forced to kick out an audience member for not cooperating and calming down.

“Everbody, I’m going to shut down this TV show and go to a test pattern unless people behave themselves and behave civilly. I’m not kidding,” HLN host Dr. Drew Pinsky threatened. “I’m not kidding. It’s a live television show, and I will go to a test pattern if I have to.”

When the woman wouldn’t quiet down, a security guard escorted her out of the audience.

Pinsky’s entire episode was about CNN’s debate and post-analysis, including a segment on why the network didn’t ask questions about the black lives matter movement.

Conservative host Tomi Lahren to do Dr. Drew

Tomi Lahren, who just last week left One America News Network after she went viral, is scheduled to appear on HLN’s Dr. Drew show tonight.

When she left OANN, many suspected she would end up at Fox News. In a note on Instagram about her departure, she said, “Something new is coming in my life and work, and I can’t wait to share it with you. I’m ready to hit the ground running. Run with me? Here’s to new beginnings…”

But according to Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell, she isn’t getting a Fox News gig.

Is CNN or HLN next for Lahren?

Anderson Cooper on Dr. Drew: “What the hell have I wandered into… The hell is going on?”

After anchoring AC360 from Los Angeles last night, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper joined the Dr. Drew panel.

After a loud guest was given a microphone and was trying to make her point about Barack Obama and Donald Trump — as Dr. Drew Pinksy did his best to silence her — another panelist, HLN contributor Samantha Schacher, murmured, “Welcome to the show, Anderson.”

Then, Cooper demanded with a chuckle, “What the hell have I wandered into?”

“I know — well done, I’m glad you came, thank you for joining us.”

Cooper asked, “Have people been drinking?”


Intense Dr. Drew segment leads Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro to file battery charges against Zoey Tur

On Thursday’s Dr. Drew, Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro went toe-to-toe with Inside Edition transgender reporter Zoey Tur, and at one point, Shapiro pointedly called Tur “sir” — which set her off immediately, and she put her hand on his neck and threatened, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.”

Now, Shapiro has decided to file battery charges against Tur over the HLN segment.

In an interview with The Blaze, Shapiro recounted: “[Tur] got up to leave and he turns to me as he’s leaving and says, ‘I’ll see you in the parking lot,’ and I said, ‘No you won’t.’ After I finished the next few segments producers rushed up and said, ‘Are you okay? Is everything alright?’” According to Shapiro, Pinsky’s producers made sure Tur had left the building before Shapiro himself left.

He went on to say he filed the report because he was “physically threatened on national television.”

You can read the police report below:
shapiro police report

Watch the Thursday exchange: