This CNN anchor is a presidential candidate?

File this one away under the ‘what’ category…

CNN weekend New Day anchor Victor Blackwell was apparently (somehow) mistaken for Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson today at a Des Moines, Iowa, coffee shop.

Yeah, I don’t know how, either…

HLN plays New Day clip…kinda

HLN’s Morning Express played a clip of morning competitor New Day‘s Chris Cuomo interviewing potential GOP candidate Dr. Ben Carson.

Normally, when HLN (or, CNN) is playing a clip, they name the program from which they’re playing the clip. However, Robin said “on CNN this morning” — not “on CNN’s New Day this morning.”

Is this something small and possibly even unintentional? Yeah.

Or… it could be HLN not wanting to give their sister station (and closest morning competitor) any recognition on their airways.

Right now, HLN and CNN are very close in the key demo for second place.