Nancy Grace’s new gig: Grace vs Abrams

Airing on A&E in March, former HLN anchor Nancy Grace has found her new gig: Grace vs Abrams. Grace, who regularly appeared on Good Morning America during her time at HLN, often was paired against Mediaite founder and ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams. Now, the duo will host a show together.

It will debut March 29 at 10 PM. The two legal analysts will join forces to debate infamous crimes and legal cases. Produced by Lincoln Square Productions, the series will be shot in Times Square Studios before a live audience, reports Deadline Hollywood.

Each episode will break down the case, featuring key players from the cases, as well as never-before-heard from players, both in-studio and by remote. Exclusive clips and footage will also be incorporated into the series. Select episodes of the series will take a deeper dive into topics covered in A&E series and specials.

“Nancy and Dan are smart, experienced attorneys with strong voices and equally strong opinions on legal matters,” said Elaine Frontain Bryant. “In ’Grace vs. Abrams,’ they will delve deeper into the stories and legal questions around infamous crimes and trials, providing viewers with a complete picture and explanation of the issues. And, of course, fighting over which of them is right!”

Grace signed off of HLN in October 2016.

HLN lifted Nancy Grace’s GMA ban?

Back in 2013, PageSix reported Jeff Zucker was “banning all CNN and HLN personalities from appearing on ‘GMA.’”

A CNN rep later clarified that claim, saying:

“While it is true that Nancy no longer appears on ‘GMA,’ it has nothing to do with banning [particular] clients. Like every other cable network and broadcast outlet with a morning show, we ask that CNN/HLN talent not appear on other network’s morning shows, unless they are promoting a book or a personal project.”

Well, Nancy wasn’t promoting a book or a personal project, but she was on ABC’s GMA this morning, debating Mediaite founder/ABC legal analyst Dan Abram on the American Sniper trial.

A clip is below:

So either HLN changed their rules…or Nancy’s breaking them.