HLN’s Coy Wire is going to be a dad

CNN/HLN sports correspondent Coy Wire is going to be a dad! The HLN sports correspondent is away in South Korea for the Winter Olympics, but over the weekend, his CNN Center family threw his wife a baby surprise baby shower.

During his appearance on New Day with anchor Chris Cuomo and guest anchor Erica Hill, Cuomo said, “There is other news.”

Hill agreed, “Other news — Coy, you put some news out on social media about a development for your family.”

“They are expecting a baby girl, a name is picked — Wrenn,” Cuomo dished, “the baby comes in April. Coy Wire, this is going to be the best moment of your life!”

CNN special: Kickoff in Minnesota

Leading up to Super Bowl LII, CNN will present a half-hour special today at 2:30pm hosted by CNN anchor Dave Briggs along with two-time Super Bowl Champion and HLN contributor Hines Ward, 9-year NFL veteran and CNN Sports correspondent Coy Wire and Bleacher Report’s Lead NFL Writer Mike Freeman, the network announced.

Kickoff in Minnesota: A CNN-Bleacher Report Special will showcase the unique access CNN has this week as one of only three media outlets broadcasting from Super Bowl LIVE, the official NFL fan festival. Hines Ward, Super Bowl 40 MVP, and Coy Wire, former Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons team captain, will give viewers the secrets behind the success of the Patriots and the Eagles.

Additionally, Houston Texans’ defensive end J.J. Watt will join the show to offer his gameday predictions and updates on his Houston flood recovery efforts. The special will also feature four-time Super Bowl quarterback Jim Kelly, who has battled cancer and is now positively impacting so many others who are fighting the disease.

Fredricka Whitfield co-hosts All Access at the Final Four

Alongside Turner Sports analyst Steve Smith, CNN Newsroom weekend anchor Fredricka Whitfield will host a CNN/Bleacher Report special, All Access At the Final Four in Phoenix, Arizona. It will air on Saturday, April 1, at 2:30pm ET, the network announced.

The half-hour program will focus on the NCAA Final Four teams – The University of North Carolina, University of South Carolina, University of Oregon and Gonzaga – featuring interviews with the Final Four coaches by CNN Sports Correspondents Coy Wire from Phoenix and Andy Scholes from Atlanta.

Smith and Whitfield previously co-hosted a CNN/Bleacher Report special focusing on the NBA All-Star Weekend.

John Berman to anchor Super Bowl CNN special

John Berman will anchor Kickoff in Houston, a CNN-Bleacher Report special set to air tomorrow, February 4, at 2:30pm, live from Houston, Texas, ahead of the Super Bowl. Alongside Berman will be CNN Sports anchor Coy Wire and HLN sports contributor and former Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward.

Super Bowl LI is between Berman’s favorite, the New England Patriots, and the Atlanta Falcons.

Beginning Monday, Berman will take on a new role with CNN, serving as the co-anchor of CNN Newsroom alongside former weekend anchor, Poppy Harlow.

Robin Meade turns to Charlie’s Angels for Halloween

As has become customary on Morning Express, the team dressed up for Halloween.

HLN anchors Robin Meade, Jennifer Westhoven, Melissa Knowles, Bob Van Dillen, Coy Wire and Hines Ward all played various parts of their re-enactment of Charlie’s Angel.

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer played the part of Charlie; he also participated in Morning Express‘s 2015 Halloween get-up.

Hines Ward makes his HLN debut

Two-time Super Bowl champion Hines Ward made his Morning Express debut this morning. Ward will be the sports contributor to Robin Meade’s morning show.

As Meade noted in her introduction of him, he will appear on Morning Express three days a week, with Coy Wire handling sports on the other days.

CNN pieced together a welcome video, from HLN host Nancy Grace, New Day anchor Chris Cuomo, HLN anchor Michaela Pereira, HLN host Dr. Drew Pinsky, CNN Newsroom anchor Carol Costello, and HLN sports correspondent Coy Wire.

A Tale of Two World Cups

Last year, CNN went all-out for the 2014 Men’s World Cup in Brazil. According to the release from then, CNN Sports anchors Alex Thomas, Amanda Davies, and Lara Baldesarra (who has since left CNN); and correspondents Shasta Darlington and Fred Pleitgen.

Not included in the press release but present included New Day anchor Chris Cuomo and international correspondent Isa Soares.

So, a pretty big showing for CNN… in another continent.

Yet this year, when the women’s World Cup is in our continent–Canada!–CNN has sent no on-air talent to report from the scene. None of CNN’s sports correspondents, and certainly not Chris Cuomo.

I get that, because it’s a woman’s event, it will receive less coverage. Yet the network not sending a single reporter or anchor to cover it is simply inexcusable.

This year, CNN has seen the departure of one sports correspondent (Baldesarra), yet has added on two: Coy Wire and Kate Riley. So although they’re beefing up their sports unit, they still didn’t send anyone to cover the World Cup.

Big mistake, CNN.

Lynn Berry, meet Lynn Smith

Over the weekend, HLN weekend anchor Lynn Berry married her fiancé, and appears to have taken his name, because she put up her wedding picture, writing that “life is better as Mrs. Smith.”

Both her Instagram and Twitter (formerly @LynnBerryTV) have been updated, and are now @LynnSmithTV.

Guest anchor Melissa Knowles, along with supporting cast Coy Wire and Ivan Cabrera, played a clip of her choosing her engagement photo shoot area, and at the end (about 3:53), discussed her wedding and showed wedding pictures:

She will return to Weekend Express on May 9.