AC360: Police Under Fire

Tonight at 9pm ET, Anderson Cooper will host a town hall, branded as Police Under Fire: AC360. A description for the show says “Examining questions about race, justice and tensions between communities and the people who police them.”

Those who got tickets for the event were to be present at Columbus Circle by 11am, and the special report will be taped at 1pm ET today.

Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello Move to CNN NYC

Per TVNewser:

Two CNN anchors are making the move from Atlanta to New York this summer. Beginning in August, Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello will anchor their respective hours of “CNN Newsroom” from NYC. Costello anchors “Newsroom” from 9-11amET and Baldwin helms the 2-4pmET hours.

“Carol Costello and Brooke Baldwin will move to New York to anchor their weekday CNN Newsroom shows, beginning in August. There will be no other changes to those shows’ production team,” a CNN spokesperson told TVNewser. “Atlanta is, and always will be, a critical part of CNN Worldwide’s operations. It remains home to much of our programming and content, including the production for many of our shows, CNN’s worldwide newsgathering operations, CNN Digital, CNN International, CNN en Espanol, HLN and Newsource.”

Other CNN shows that are anchored from New York but produced in Atlanta: “CNN Newsroom” with Don Lemon” and “Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield. Wolf Blizter‘s 1pmET “Wolf” is produced in Atlanta but anchored in DC. A CNN source tells us having the anchors in New York gives them more on-set guest opportunities.


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Brooke Baldwin Re-locates to NYC

Well, big surprise (I’m kidding, of course)… Brooke Baldwin is moving from Atlanta to New York City!  And since our lovely morning New Day host, Kate Bolduan, will be leaving for maternity leave soon… Well, I imagine we’ll see Kate as her substitute.  (And maybe her replacement?)

And then there’s her 2-4 block of CNN Newsroom.  Will she remain the host, just from NYC?  It’s completely possible.  It’s also possible that she will relinquish her CNN Newsroom duty and rotate on CNN Tonight.  (It wouldn’t be the first time she was in [late] primetime; she did host, during Erin Burnett’s maternity leave, In Case You Missed It, which was a recap of the day in news).


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