Due to the protests outside CNN HQ, Natalie Allen won’t be anchoring CNN Newsroom

Citing the chaos unfolding outside of CNN Center in Atlanta, veteran CNN International anchor Natalie Allen won’t be going into work to anchor CNN Newsroom, she announced late Friday evening on Facebook. Earlier, while reporter Nick Valencia was live on Cuomo Prime Time, a flash bang was tossed inside the entrance of CNN’s Atlanta headquarters, causing police to have the CNN crew go further back for their safety.

Allen wrote, “I won’t be anchoring my show this [Saturday] morning due to protests in downtown Atlanta. It’s not safe to try and go to CNN downtown. Pls watch our coverage and I hope to see you Sunday morning. Hope and pray for calm.”

CNN has most-watched month since Hurricane Katrina

CNN had its best month in 15 years since Hurricane Katrina in the key 25-54 demographic. For the first time in three years, CNN bested MSNBC in total day in total viewership. Furthermore, CNN was first in cable during the dayside since January 2009 among 25-54. CNN grew by triple digits across every daypart in both total viewers and adults 25-54, far more than either Fox or MSNBC.

CNN also ranked #1 in all of cable during dayside this month, topping Fox and all of the other cable networks in the demo. Compared to a year ago, CNN is up 167% in total viewers and a staggering 243% in the demo adults 25-54. (To compare, Fox was up 63%/96% and MSNBC increased 59%/106%). Brooke Baldwin, Victor Blackwell, Kate Bolduan, Ana Cabrera, Anderson Cooper, Poppy Harlow, Erica Hill, Brianna Keilar, John King, Christi Paul, Jim Sciutto and Fredricka Whitfield all contributed to CNN Newsroom during dayside and weekend coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

From 11am-5pm on weekdays, CNN was #1 in cable news in the demographic adults 25-54, topping Fox and MSNBC. At 4pm, CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper was #1 in cable news in the demo adults 25-54 with 531,000.

Brooke Baldwin on returning to air: “I have such a stake in this, just like so many, you know, hundreds of thousands of other people”

Before returning to host CNN Newsroom on Monday, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin stopped by Reliable Sources on Sunday to chat with Brian Stelter about having coronavirus and how it will impact her coverage going forward.

Stelter asked how she was doing, and Baldwin noted that her battle with Covid-19 was better than some, in that she didn’t have to go to the hospital or be put on a ventilator. “I didn’t have to add to the stress of the doctors and nurses in these hospitals by having to go in. That said, it was like going to Hell and back,” before adding she was “one of the lucky ones.”

He then turned to her anchor gig, and asked if she thought she’d do anything differently now.

Quite emphatically, Baldwin answered, “How can I not approach it differently? I think when I talk to family members who have loved ones who are suffering, how can I not understand it and have that empathy a bit more than another journalist who was fortunate enough not to get it? How can I not when I’m talking to doctors, you know, trying to understand why aren’t there more FDA-approved antibody tests?”

She went on, “I was reading a piece in the Times this weekend saying out of 14 tests, only three had fairly accurate results. Why is that? I’ll ask doctors about plasma donation. I want to give my blood to people to be able to help others who are sick. So hopefully viewers will be watching and understand that I have such a stake in this, just like so many, you know, hundreds of thousands of other people.”

She will be back on Monday at a special time of 1-3pm.


Brooke Baldwin will return to air on Monday

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin will return to the air on Monday, April 27, following her weeks-long battle with coronavirus. She will anchor CNN Newsroom from 1-3pm instead of 2-4, as a result of CNN’s temporary, shuffled dayside programming.

Yesterday, she posted she had tested negative for coronavirus, and she hoped to donate her plasma to those who are still ill with coronavirus.

Brooke Baldwin provides coronavirus update: Last night was the worst so far

On April 3, CNN Newsroom anchor Brooke Baldwin announced she tested positive for coronavirus, becoming the second CNN anchor to have the virus.

Earlier, she posted an update to Instagram about last night, her worst night yet: “Last night turned out to be my worst so far — aches, chills, highest fever I’ve had. Tears. It wasn’t pretty.”

But when Baldwin woke up this morning, she was feeling better, she said. “[I woke up] feeling rested and at peace,” she wrote, before noting, “This will all be over soon enough.”

Thanking people for checking in on her, she wrote: “This past week I have heard from THOUSANDS of you. And in my lowest moments with this thing, what would keep me from completely spinning out, would be reading notes and texts and comments from you. Growing up in the South… the thing my mom would always be yammering to us kids: BE KIND. Turns out — it’s been YOUR kindness to me that has been 100% the most overwhelming part of this experience. And I just want to say from the bottom of my heart: thank you.”

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin tests positive for coronavirus

CNN Newsroom anchor Brooke Baldwin has tested positive for coronavirus, she announced today on Instagram. She anchored her show as recently as yesterday.

“I am OKAY. It came on suddenly yesterday afternoon. Chills, aches, fever. I’ve been social distancing. Doing ALL the things we’re being told to do. Still — it got me.”

Baldwin added, “I’m healthy… no underlying conditions… Honestly, I feel like one of the lucky ones. I look forward to being back on [TV] and seeing you real soon.”

Unlike fellow anchor Chris Cuomo, who is still anchoring despite coronavirus, Baldwin will be taking some time off.

CNN’s overnight Newsroom shows are going to be moving

Over the next few weeks, the Atlanta-based CNN Newsroom shows that air from midnight-4:00am Eastern are going to be moving from CNN International’s typical Atlanta studio to Studio 7, according to sources. The studio move will primarily impact John Vause’s hours as well as Rosemary Church’s, which are often simulcast on CNN/USA, depending on the news cycle.

Studio 7 is home to all of HLN’s programming, including the six-hour Morning Express with Robin Meade. Also based in the studio include a thirty-minute edition of World Sport in the evening, Eastern time, as well as Amara Walker and Michael Holmes’ CNN Today, both airing on CNN International.

Brooke Baldwin counts to 30 on air to prove shooting took just as long as calling elected leaders

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin took thirty seconds on air Monday afternoon to count, showing just how long it took in Dayton, Ohio, for a shooter to kill nine and injure thirty-seven. In thirty seconds, the police took down the gunman.

In thirty seconds, Baldwin reasons, you can reach out to your elected officials.

“In just 30 seconds, a gunman murdered nine people and left 37 injured right here in Dayton, Ohio. In just 30 seconds, police took down that gunman, saving hundreds of lives. And in just 30 seconds, you can call your elected representative and demand they do something about this,” Baldwin said Monday on CNN Right Now.


CNN did not return a request for comment from TheWrap.

On Wednesday, the network will hold a town hall event moderated by Chris Cuomo on guns.