CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin disappears mid-show, later explains it was an ocular migraine

CNN Newsroom anchor Brooke Baldwin hosted roughly thirty minutes of her two hour broadcast from New York on Thursday afternoon before disappearing, People magazine noted. After returning from a commercial break, her 1pm colleague Brianna Keilar was in the anchor chair, hosting the remainder of her show.

Later, after fans reached out to question her absence, Baldwin explained she had an ocular migraine that took her off air, kicking the show to Washington, DC, where Keilar took over with just minutes’ notice.

People magazine noted that migraine “subtypes that are characterized by a variety of visual disturbances including visual loss, blind spots, zig-zag lines, or seeing stars.”

Baldwin explained that in her TV anchoring experience, this was the first instance where she got it while on air.

HLN’s Erica Hill skips out on her show to do CNN Newsroom

HLN’s On The Story host Erica Hill wasn’t on her show today: instead, she filled in for Brooke Baldwin on CNN Newsroom.

When the network revealed she was rejoining the CNN family, it was said she would host the two-hour HLN news program in addition to contributing to CNN as a correspondent and anchor.

Evidently, today Newsroom took precedence over On The Story.

Brooke Baldwin interviews President Obama’s sister and grandmother in Kenya

We now know what assignment Brooke Baldwin was on last week: she was scoring an interview with President Barack Obama’s family in their ancestral village in Kenya — just days before Obama visits Nairobi.

She interviewed Obama’s grandmother and Obama’s sister. She teased part of the interview this morning on New Day, and a full piece will air beginning at 2pm on her show, CNN Newsroom.