Christi Paul apologizes for saying “gypped”

1280_1x9lcisp1vcuCNN’s New Day Weekend anchor Christi Paul apologized for saying “gypped” on-air on Twitter when someone called her out for doing so, citing the “stigma attached to being Roma/Gypsies.” As NPR noted, “the term [gypped] carries many negative connotations.”

On Twitter, a viewer said to Paul, “Please don’t use the word “g**ped.” There is so much stigma attached to being Roma/Gypsies, and this just rubs salt in the wound, much like “j*wed” does.”

Paul responded and apologized. “I genuinely apologize for using that word. I didn’t realize the weight it carries but I do now. I learn every day & yesterday was no exception.” She added, “When I’m wrong I’ll always admit it. It’s part of being human but it’s also part of learning. I tell my kids there’s no such thing as perfect. Including people.”