Triunfadores de Deporte to debut

Starting this Saturday, October 10 at 11:30pm ET, CNN en Español will debut a new sports program, Triunfadores de Deporte, hosted by sports anchor Elizabeth Pérez.

After scoring a great goal, or getting a touchdown, or flying on the basketball court for a dunk, the most outstanding athletes will speak with Pérez about their accomplishments, according to a network release.

But not only that, the show will also cover controversies surrounding the athletes, as well as the challenges that lie ahead for them.

Come on – Jake Tapper was not ‘benched’ from Democratic debate

Across numerous media publications, I’ve read a rather surprising narrative. Following the announcement that CNN’s debate team for the October 13 Democratic debate will be composed of moderator Anderson Cooper, with assistance from Dana Bash, Don Lemon, and CNNE’s Juan Carlos Lopez, there has been talk that Jake Tapper has been ‘benched’ from the debate.

CNN’s kiddie-table debate drew in 6.3 million viewers; the primetime debate had a CNN-record of 22.9 million viewers. So any notion that Tapper is being benched is simply ridiculous.

CNN isn’t like other networks. They have a very large group of possible moderators: Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Dana Bash, John King, Jim Sciutto — just to name a few.

So, to say that, as Mediaite’s Joe Concha did, that Tapper has been benched in favor of Cooper and Lemon is ridiculous.

The Cable Game blog further insists that Tapper’s being replaced. This is CNN: they have plenty of capable people who can moderate the debate.

This is not Cooper’s first debate, people…

The Independent Journal also has a jaw-dropping headline, again seemingly ignoring the fact CNN is a network with many talented anchors: There’s a glaring omission in the moderator list for CNN’s Democratic presidential debate.

Cooper, Lemon, Bash, Carlos Lopez to make up the CNN debate team

CNN is repeating its format from its previous GOP debate.

Anderson Cooper, who was reportedly the debate moderator, will be joined by a panel of questioners made up of chief political correspondent Dana Bash and CNN en Espanol political anchor Juan Carlos Lopez. CNN Tonight anchor Don Lemon will also ask questions of the Democratic candidates submitted via Facebook.

As reported by CNN, Lincoln Chafee, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, and Jim Webb have been invited to the first Democratic National Committee-sanctioned debate on Oct. 13 at the Wynn Las Vegas.

If Biden were to declare by the 13, the network is willing to let him participate.

The debate is being hosted by CNN and Facebook and will air live at 9 p.m. ET on CNN, CNN en Español, CNN International, and streamed on CNNgo. Westwood One will serve as the exclusive radio broadcaster.

More cuts to come at CNN

Last fall, Turner Broadcasting underwent a series of layoffs which they called Turner 2020.

And this fall, according to a report this morning from FTVLive, more cuts are expected to take place at CNN and Turner Entertainment.

Last fall, shows such as Rachel Nichols’ Unguarded, HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell, and Christine Romans’ Your Money were cut; also, CNN en Espanol anchor Glenda Umana was laid off. CNN International’s Christiane Amanpour’s New York-based staff was also cut.

Cafe CNN moves into Robin Meade’s old set

Cafe CNN, the morning show for CNN en Español, will be moving into Studio H soon. Studio H is used for CNN International’s World Sport, as well as CNN Domestic’s New Day Weekend.

Cafe CNN is anchored by Alejandra Oraa and Carlos Montero; Glenda Umaña was the morning show’s third anchor, but was laid off last year as part of the Turner Broadcasting cuts.

CNNE’s Deportes has also been using Studio H.

Cristiano Ronaldo walks out on CNN interview

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo walked out of a CNN en Español conducted by Andres Oppenheimer. As noted by CNN (via Time), Ronaldo was more interested in discussing his new headphones he was launching in the US, but the CNNE interviewer wanted to focus more on the FIFA scandal and the 2022 World Cup being held in Qatar.

“I don’t care about FIFA. And Qatar…I don’t give a fuck,” Ronaldo said, and then walked out on the interview.


The transcript, via CNN:

Andres Oppenheimer (AO) (Spanish): Cristiano, many thanks for joining us. Before asking you about your new line of sporting headphones that you’ve come to the US to launch, we have to ask you about the issue in football that has been in the spotlight of the entire world: the corruption scandal surrounding FIFA. Question — how is the corruption scandal at FIFA affecting playing on the field of play? Is it something that worries you?

Cristiano Ronaldo (CR) (Spanish): Do you want me to be honest? (yes.) It doesn’t worry me at all. (why is that?) I do my profession, my job, I give me all for my club…the rest doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care what happens on the outside.

AO (Spanish): And your teammates?

CR (Spanish): I don’t know. You have to speak with them. I don’t know, I can’t answer for everyone else.

AO (Spanish): But, don’t tell me that you guys don’t speak about it in the locker room.

CR (Spanish): You want to know the truth? We don’t speak about it at all.

AO (Spanish): Not at all?

CR (Spanish): Not at all. We talk about other things.

AO (Spanish): What do you guys talk about?

CR (Spanish): About music, about women, about fashion, about shoes, about suitcases/bags, about jewelry, about haircuts…any more (you want me to list?)

AO (Spanish): You know, I don’t believe you…it’s difficult to believe it. Cristiano, the whole world is talking about it.

CR (Spanish): Yes, but personally, I don’t talk about it.

AO (Spanish): (Tries to say something)

CR (Portuguese): Something in Portuguese.

AO (Spanish): Cristiano, one of the related issues that people talk about is the World Cup in Qatar. Many sports figures say that to play…

CR: snapping fingers…

Someone in the background (Spanish): OK, this isn’t…

CR (English): This is, this is bulls**t.

Someone in the background (Spanish): We’re trying to talk about…

CR (English): I can’t speak like that. This is bulls**t. Speak about FIFA, I don’t care about FIFA. And Qatar…I don’t give a f**k. What you want me to do? (gestures with hand). Speak about product, he speaks about FIFA…come on. (walks off)

Rosa Flores leaves CNN NYC

After CNN hired Boris Sanchez to work in the New York bureau, it was announced that correspondent Rosa Flores would be relocating from NYC to Chicago, where she would work with correspondent Ryan Young.

Today, the bureau threw her a going away party:

She is expected to continue reporting in Latin America as the need arises.