CNN Jumps to Red Carpet from Ukraine

I saw this post (from FTVLive) earlier today.  When I was watching CNN last night, I noticed that they had a Red Carpet special, hosted by Piers Morgan.  I wasn’t really surprised when Jim Sciutto was forced to interrupt “Spider” and regretfully inform him that it was the end of his broadcast and that CNN was going to a new program.

And… Why shouldn’t they? Continue reading “CNN Jumps to Red Carpet from Ukraine”

New Day’s “The Good Stuff” Ad

Lately, I have been a watcher of HLN’s Morning Express w/ Robin Meade as opposed to New Day, simply because of the awkwardness and animosity between the New Day hosts (namely Kate and Chris).  However, I watched New Day for probably the first six or seven months of its broadcast before switching over to Morning Express.  That being said, I still watch New Day for a few minutes each day when HLN is on a commercial break or when they restart their broadcast with the same stories.

And as people know, New Day likes a particular block called “The Good Stuff”.  It is normally introduced by Chris Cuomo, where he highlights some good that happened recently and then the anchors discuss it and say how they wish more stories were like this. But now, CNN is running a promo directly advertising “The Good Stuff”.  Continue reading “New Day’s “The Good Stuff” Ad”

3/1/14 Anchor Fill-ins

I’m starting a new segment, where I will list the day’s anchor fill-ins.  (If I happen to miss any, my apologies – just let me know!)

Deb Feyerick was in for Fredricka Whitfield on the CNN Newsroom.

Shortly thereafter, Wolf Blitzer took over coverage at approximately 1pm EST to anchor on behalf of Fredricka Whitfield about the Ukraine situation.

Jim Sciutto anchored on behalf of Don Lemon (whose birthday was today) for the evening block of CNN Newsroom.

Supposed Official List of 9pm Replacements

Per NY Daily News: It seems CNN has compiled (allegedly, anyway) a rather strange list of possible candidates to host the 9m primetime hour.  Personally, none of the people listed make any sense to me.  One thing that is evident to me is CNN wants to replicate what Piers Morgan had – an interview/chat show.  That is a shame;  I was hoping CNN would gravitate to news at that hour, or at least a panel format where they discuss some sort of headlines. Continue reading “Supposed Official List of 9pm Replacements”

The Ronan Farrow Issue

Full disclosure: I don’t watch MSNBC often.  Furthermore, I’ve only seen the Ronan Farrow Daily twice (on Monday, its premiere, and today, Wednesday).  His first show was as bit strange; he was too hyper and enthusiastic.  But today, he seemed to be calming down a bit and warming up to his role.  He seems a little strange, but I think that’s just his personality – but he will eventually become a good host for MSNBC, I think.

And that gets to the real issue here: CNN’s 1pm timeslot.

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How To Ease into the Nighttime Re-do

Jeff Zucker, for the most part, hasn’t touched primetime since he has taken over as CNN President Worldwide.  The only thing to my knowledge he has done (other than run documentaries) is to have 11th Hour w/ Don Lemon and In Case You Missed it w/ Brooke Baldwin, and that was only on a temporary basis. But now, he has finally canceled Piers Morgan. I’ve already blogged about possible replacements, but how can CNN gently move into this? Continue reading “How To Ease into the Nighttime Re-do”

Piers Morgan’s Role, Moving Forward

I’ve read numerous reports, stating that it is possible that Piers may stay on at CNN, just no longer at the 9m slot.  To be fair, I’m not a fan of Piers Morgan Live, and I think the show being canceled is great.  (Now there is a gap in the 9 and 10pm slot, since PMT and AC360 Later were both canceled recently).  However, I could see him becoming a CNN Special Correspondent or a CNN Entertainment Correspondent.  He does well at certain things (arguing namely, but also special events, such as the Queen’s Jubilee), and could still serve CNN well in some capacity. Continue reading “Piers Morgan’s Role, Moving Forward”

Piers Morgan Quits?

I admit, I am a bit skeptical with this.  I first read this on a few other blogs and I must question the likelihood of this, and if it is indeed true, what will happen as a result of this.

As most people know, Piers Morgan likes confrontation. So to imply he is leaving CNN because people don’t like him, or because he has so few viewers, is difficult for me to believe. As a person who follows him on Twitter, I know he likes calling people out and being controversial. Yet he will simply leave CNN? Continue reading “Piers Morgan Quits?”