David Gregory to CNN?

PageSix is reporting on the possibility of NBC’s David Gregory making the hop to CNN. He was apparently seen in the CNN building on Thursday. Just about every media outlet has reported that the Meet the Press host is having problems (and likely to be replaced, even though NBC has […]

Cable News in a Nutshell (or Tweet)

Welcome to The Conveyors. Since this is the first column in this series, let me introduce it. The Conveyors is a weekly column here at CNN Commentary which will focus on news organizations, or the conveyors of news. These columns will usually have something to relate to CNN, but not always. […]

Erin Burnett signed with CNN; gets CNNI show

It was no secret Erin Burnett spoiled Jeff Zucker’s morning plans (since she was supposed to be Chris Cuomo’s co-anchor, not Kate Bolduan). So, what does he do with her? Well, Alex Weprin reports she will be staying with CNN and getting an additional show on CNNI. Burnett’s “Outfront” is […]

Where’s Alisyn?

Tomorrow morning, one will find Alisyn Camerota on New Day. (Coincidentally… Or not so coincidentally… Her rumored 10 O’clock Show cohost, Chris Cuomo, is currently on New Day). Kate Bolduan is off on some assignment in Belgium. Whether she’ll be back on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon next week remains […]

Elise Labott upped at CNN

Per Politico’s Hadas Gold, Elise Labott has been upped at CNN to global affairs correspondent. (She was previously foreign affairs reporter, so I’m not sure why they changed her title from foreign affairs to global affairs; they could’ve just called her foreign affairs correspondent)