Rick Folbaum has left CNN, joined CBS46

CNN International weekend anchor Rick Folbaum, who has been freelancing with the network for almost a year, has left. Folbaum was anchoring for CNN from Atlanta at the CNN Center.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, he is joining CBS46 Atlanta as their lead anchor for the evening news, fronting the 4pm, 6pm and 11pm newscasts. He is filling the shoes of former cable news anchor Thomas Roberts, who just left the station.

“I am thrilled to be joining the great team of journalists at CBS46,” Folbaum said in a press release. “I can’t wait to get to work.”

Steve Doerr, the news director at CBS46, praised Folbaum’s “decades of network and large market anchoring experience. He’ll do a terrific job.”

Wasting no time, he begins next week.

Despite Trump’s team’s best attempts, CBS boss promises Anderson Cooper’s Stormy Daniels interview is still going to air

CNN is covering President Donald Trump’s scandal with porn star Stormy Daniels quite thoroughly. But it isn’t CNN that star Anderson Cooper taped an interview with the porn star — rather, it was with CBS News, where he serves as a contributor to newsmagazine 60 Minutes.

According to BuzzFeed, Trump’s team of lawyers are attempting a legal challenge against CBS to prevent the interview from airing.

On Tuesday, Variety reported that CBS News president David Rhodes hasn’t seen the interview — but it is definitely going to air.

Its delay is due to good-old boots-on-the-ground journalism, he says, rather than a flurry of legal action from the 45th president of the United States. “The only reason it hasn’t run is that there’s still a lot of journalistic work to do,” Rhodes explained.

“I haven’t seen such an injunction, and I can’t imagine what the basis for that would be… The encounter between Anderson Cooper and Stormy Daniels was accompanied also by conversations with attorneys, documents were provided, and so we have to run all that down before it runs.”

Anderson Cooper interviews Stormy Daniels — but for CBS, not CNN

In addition to serving as CNN’s primetime anchor, Anderson Cooper is a contributor to CBS News’ 60 Minutes. And tonight, as Brian Stelter reports, Cooper taped an interview with Stormy Daniels, the porn star that President Donald Trump allegedly had an affair with.

But the interview isn’t airing on CNN.

Rather, it is airing on the newsmagazine that he serves as a contributor to, 60 Minutes, sometime in the near future. But the exact air date is unknown. A source involved in the taping said it will air “on a future episode,” Stelter reports. A 60 Minutes spokesman declined to comment.

CNN alum Deb Feyerick resurfaces on CBSN

Former veteran national correspondent and fill-in anchor Deborah Feyerick resurfaced today, anchoring coverage on CBS’ live streaming service, CBSN.

She departed from CNN almost ten months ago. At the time, she said, “I am heading out to pursue new projects inspired by the people I have met, the stories I have covered and the colleagues I am lucky to call friends.”

Perhaps one project is anchoring CBSN.

Christiane Amanpour to replace Charlie Rose on interim basis

PBS has tapped CNN’s chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour to fill the gap left by Charlie Rose in their programming line up on an interim basis.

The main PBS station in New York, WNET, will begin airing Amanpour on Monday night. It will be made available to other stations a week from now, reports CNNMoney.

CNN International will continue producing Amanpour. and it will continue to mainly originate out of the network’s London hub.

“Featuring conversations with global leaders and decision makers on the issues affecting the world today, ‘Amanpour on PBS’ adds to the long tradition of public affairs programming that has been a hallmark of public media for decades,” PBS CEO Paula Kerger said in a statement.

CNN spinoff “could be caveat” in AT&T, Time Warner deal

Even though AT&T has repeatedly said there is no intention of spinning off CNN, Fox Business reporter Charlie Gasparino believes that the AT&T Time Warner deal will go through, with a possible caveat of spinning off CNN.

“You may see, as bankers are saying, the potential spinoff of CNN to make this deal go by,” Gasparino said, according to The Street (via J$). “There is a lot of talk about that, and there will be buyers.”

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson previously told CNBC that spinning off CNN made no sense, adding that “there are not competitive issues with owning CNN.”

Gasparino noted CBS may be a potential buyer of CNN.

Errol Barnett signs off of CNN

CNN Newsroom overnight anchor Errol Barnett signed off of his CNN International broadcast today. He is departing the network for a new gig at CBS News, where he will serve as a Washington-based news correspondent.

Co-anchor Rosemary Church gave him a sendoff: “I’m gonna miss you so much.” But she added, “You’re going to shine as you take this next step along your career path.”

Former CNN morning anchor is going to have to get up early again

Former American Morning and later, Starting Point anchor Soledad O’Brien is going to have to set her alarm awfully early again beginning next Tuesday through Friday, reports CNN’s Brian Stelter.

She will be filling in on CBS News’ CBS This Morning, in for host Gayle King.

Chris Licht, the show’s executive producer, explained the decision to get an outsider. “We are lucky to have the best anchor team in the morning — but they can’t work 52 weeks a year. So, from time to time we will try something interesting and a little unpredictable to keep up the momentum even when one of our main anchors is off.”

Following the cancelation of her CNN show, O’Brien continued to do a few specials for CNN, mainly her Black in America specials.