Ex-CNNE anchor Carlos Montero joins C5N

Former CNN en Español veteran anchor Carlos Montero has joined Canal 5 Noticias, C5N, as a Miami-based correspondent, MediaMoves reports. He was with CNN for 21 years prior.

Montero moved to Miami six months ago from Atlanta, where he was headquartered for CNN.

CNN cancels Showbiz, cuts back Cafe CNN

In addition to the recent departures of Patricia Janiot and morning show anchor Carlos Montero, CNN en Español is canceling its Los Angeles-based entertainment program, Showbiz, reports MediaMoves.

Furthermore, the morning show Cafe CNN is being downsized from a three hour program to just two hours, according to the report.

10 to 15 jobs are expected to be lost as a result of the cancelation of Showbiz.

MediaMoves says staffers were told to expect more changes in a meeting.

A CNN spokesperson didn’t comment on the layoffs, but said this of the changes: “CNN en Español is strengthening its content-generation capabilities to further position itself as the premiere Spanish-language cross platform news content business in the Americas. This includes investment and reallocation of resources to maximize the digital and TV newsgathering functions, increase content generation and optimize production resources. As responsibilities in the network shift, overall network headcount will increase.”

Carlos Montero leaves CNN en Español after 2 decades

Carlos Montero is leaving CNN en Español after two decades, effective November 30, reports MediaMoves. Montero served as a co-anchor of Cafe CNN, the network’s morning show.

According to insiders, he and CNNE were unable to reach an agreement on renewing his contract.

A spokesperson for the network confirmed his departure: “We are grateful to Carlos for all his many contributions to the network and wish him the very best.”

CNN Cafe wins Daytime Emmy for outstanding morning program

CNN en Español’s morning show, Café CNN, was recognized on Sunday for Outstanding Morning Program in Spanish in the United States.

Co-anchors Alejandra Oraa and Maria Alejandra Requena, along with Vice President of Programming and Production for CNN en Español, Eduardo Suarez, were on stage to receive the award on behalf of the entire team. CNN Café was awarded for coverage of the Seventh Summit the Americas in Panama.

Suarez, Requena and Oraa recognized the work of the entire production team: co-anchor Carlos Montero, co-anchor Maria Regina Bustamante, sports anchor Elizabeth Perez, producer Ricardo Rodriguez, Humberto Camacho, David Gamez, Samuel Burke, and Benjamin Fernandez, as well as the SVP and network General Manager Cynthia Hudson and programming and production director Cathy Reyes, among others.

Cafe CNN moves into Robin Meade’s old set

Cafe CNN, the morning show for CNN en Español, will be moving into Studio H soon. Studio H is used for CNN International’s World Sport, as well as CNN Domestic’s New Day Weekend.

Cafe CNN is anchored by Alejandra Oraa and Carlos Montero; Glenda Umaña was the morning show’s third anchor, but was laid off last year as part of the Turner Broadcasting cuts.

CNNE’s Deportes has also been using Studio H.

CNN receives 14 news and documentary Emmy noms

CNN has received 14 news and documentary Emmy nominations (in addition to the five nominations between The Sixties and Parts Unknown).

CNN was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast during The Situation Room, for CNN’s coverage of the rescue from Mount Sinjar, anchored by Wolf Blitzer, with reporting from correspondents Elise Labott, Barbara Starr, and Ivan Watson.

For the network’s investigation of the crisis at the VA, they were nominated for Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast during AC360, reported by senior investigation correspondent Drew Griffin, and their theme park investigation, by correspondent Kyra Phillips.

They received another Emmy nomination for Poppy Harlow’s reporting during AC360 on Outstanding Business and Economic Reporting in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast for the coverage of GM being blamed for deaths due to faulty switches.

The network received two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Live Coverage of a Current News Story – Long Form; the first nom was for their coverage of the NYC chokehold protests, reported by correspondent/anchors Brooke Baldwin, Jason Carroll, Chris Cuomo, Deborah Feyerick, Alexandra Field, Athena Jones, Kyung Lah, and Anderson Cooper. They received a second nom for their coverage of the Ukrainian crisis, with reports from Phil Black and Nick Paton Walsh, and anchored by Rosemary Church, Wolf Blitzer, and Poppy Harlow.

CNN Films received two Emmy noms: one for Outstanding Business and Economic Reporting – Long Form for Ivory Tower; and one for Outstanding Science and Technology Programming with Dinosaur 13.

They got an Emmy nom for Outstanding Editing: Documentary and Long Form for the sixth episode of season one of The Hunt; and a nom for Outstanding Graphic Design & Art Direction the digital series The City of Tomorrow.

Their sister channel, CNN en Español, also picked up a few Emmys. For Outstanding Newscast or News Magazine in Spanish, CNNE picked up two noms: Directo USA anchored by Juan Carlos López and Nuestro Mundo, anchored by Patricia Janiot. For Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in Spanish, they received a nom forŸ Venezuela Crisis, reported by Osmary Hernandez, Adriana Hauser, anchors Fernando del Rincón, Patricia Janiot, Carlos Montero, Patricia Ramos.

Glenda Umaña cut at CNNEE

As part of the Turner 2020 cuts, CNN en Español morning anchor Glenda Umaña of Café CNÑ has been laid off.

In part, Glenda wrote, “I can confirm that my job at CNN has been impacted by the [Turner 2020 cuts].”

Her full statement in Spanish is below:

Her Café CNÑ co-anchor, Alejandra Oraa, sent out a good-bye note to Glenda. In part, she said, “… it will always be an honor to call you friend.”

Her other co-anchor, Carlos Montero, tweeted as well, saying in part, “It was an honor to work with [you].”