CNN Right Now with Brianna Keilar debuts Monday, Nov. 12

CNN Right Now with Brianna Keilar is set to debut, albeit quietly, Monday, November 12, on CNN. The network announced back in July when Keilar was alway on maternity leave that when she returned, she would take over the 1 o’clock Eastern hour on the network, replacing veteran anchor Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer will continue to host The Situation Room from 5-7 Eastern.

The network hasn’t made much noise about the new show, however — in fact, they haven’t even officially announced the name (though has the show listed as CNN Right Now, as does Monday’s tv guide).

“See you Monday!” Keilar teased on Twitter.

CNN promotes Brianna Keilar to 1:00pm anchor

Beginning this fall when she returns from maternity leave, CNN’s senior Washington correspondent will take over the 1:00pm hour, currently hosted by Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer will remain the anchor of The Situation Room, airing from 5:00pm-7:00pm ET.

The name of the new program and the format have not been made available yet, but it was one of many promotions that network chief Jeff Zucker announced in an employee town hall on Wednesday.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar gives birth, one month early, to her son

It was a close one: CNN’s senior Washington correspondent and anchor Brianna Keilar went into labor a month early, while her husband, Lieutenant Colonel Fernando Lujan, was away in Japan.

But Lujan made it — albeit with only about 40 minutes to spare before they welcomed their first child together into the world.

In fact, Keilar had just been on the air anchoring last week.

Baby Antonio Lujan weighed in at 5 pounds, 3 ounces.

CNN shuffles around DC correspondents

With the new administration about to move into office, CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker has moved some of his correspondents around.

Jim Acosta will continue to serve as senior White House correspondent, alongside Jeff Zeleny, who was previously senior Washington correspondent. Michelle Kosinski, who previously covered the White House, has moved into a new role at CNN as senior Diplomatic correspondent, covering the State Department.

Brianna Keilar moves over from senior political correspondent to senior Washington correspondent (not sure what the real difference is there) and substitute anchor.

And, as has made headlines today, CNN assigned Obama’s chief advisor’s daughter, Laura Jarrett, to cover the Trump DOJ as reporter.

Below is the full press release…

Today, CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker announced the following assignments for the network’s Washington, D.C. based correspondents.

Dana Bash will continue as the network’s chief political correspondent.

Gloria Borger will continue as the network’s chief political analyst.

Mark Preston has been named CNN’s senior political analyst and David Chalian will continue to serve as CNN’s political director.

Jim Acosta and Jeff Zeleny will serve as CNN’s Senior White House correspondents and will be joined at The White House by correspondents Athena Jones and Sara Murray. Jeremy Diamond, Stephen Collinson and Kate Bennett will also serve as White House reporters for CNN.

Congress will be covered by Senior Congressional reporter Manu Raju and CNN correspondents Phil Mattingly and Sunlen Serfaty.

Jim Sciutto will continue as CNN’s chief national security correspondent.

Senior Diplomatic correspondent Michelle Kosinski will join Global Affairs correspondent Elise Labott to cover the State Department.

Barbara Starr will continue to cover the Department of Defense as CNN’s Pentagon correspondent and will be joined there by reporter Ryan Browne.

The Justice Department and Supreme Court will be covered by Justice and Supreme Court correspondent Pamela Brown, Justice correspondent Evan Perez, Justice reporter Laura Jarrett and Supreme Court reporter Ariane De Vogue.

Rene Marsh will continue as CNN’s aviation and government regulation correspondent.

MJ Lee will cover health care for the network as national politics reporter.

Senior Washington correspondent Joe Johns, national correspondent Suzanne Malveaux, correspondent Tom Foreman, and correspondent Ryan Nobles will serve as Washington correspondents for the network.

Jamie Gangel will continue as a special correspondent for the network.

Nia-Malika Henderson will continue to cover the political landscape as a senior political reporter.

Maeve Reston will serve as CNN’s national political reporter.

Brian Todd will continue to be a correspondent for The Situation Room.

CNN’s lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer will continue to anchor Wolf and The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Anchor and Chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper will remain anchor of The Lead with Jake Tapper and Sunday’s State of the Union. Anchor and chief national correspondent John King will continue to anchor Inside Politics. And Brianna Keilar will serve as substitute anchor and Senior Washington correspondent.

Additional reporting teams include Noah Gray, Liz Landers, Kevin Liptak, Allie Malloy and Dan Merica covering The White House; Betsy Klein and Hunter Schwarz covering the Trump family; Ted Barrett, Eric Bradner, Ashley Killough, Tal Kopan, Tom LoBianco and Deirdre Walsh covering Congress; Jamie Crawford, Nicole Gaouette, Laura Koran and Jennifer Rizzo covering national security; Mary Kay Mallonee covering the Justice Department; Tami Luhby on health care; Jodi Enda and Thomas Lake writing long-form reporting; and Daniella Diaz, Greg Krieg, Theodore Schleifer and Eugene Scott will serve as Washington reporters.

Brianna Keilar to anchor the 12pm hour after Election Day?

CNN senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar seems poised to take over the 12pm hour on CNN following Election Day. Inside Politics has aired in the noon hour, since replacing Ashleigh Banfield when she moved to HLN primetime.

Yet beginning next Monday, November 14, tv guides indicate that the branding will be CNN Newsroom with Brianna Keilar, which is a surprise to few.

Throughout the election cycle, Keilar has covered the campaign and has sub-anchored, and has managed to make plenty of headlines for her tough questioning, including her viral moment with a Donald Trump advisor concerning polling, leaving him silent. (Video is embedded below).

Earlier this year, Keilar was engaged.

Bloggers allege CNN cut Brianna Keilar’s negative Clinton report; Keilar says, not so

Red bloggers began salivating when CNN’s senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar was reporting on At This Hour about Hillary Clinton — when her feed abruptly went dark as she pointed out Clinton’s vulnerabilities:

“But largely Hillary Clinton’s comments here today, John, were based around the recent violence that we have seen. The police-involved shootings of black men in Minnesota, in Louisiana, and the killing of white police officers by a black gunman in Dallas. That was really what she based her comments on around today.

“And remember Hillary Clinton has some vulnerabilities herself. So, even as she calls for criminal justice reform because of her support in the 1990s for anti-crime legislation that ultimately helped contribute to this era of mass incarceration that she now speaks out again–”

Anchor John Berman said, “Uh oh,” followed with, “We just lost Brianna Keilar,” before moving on.

Some attempted to claim CNN cut her feed to protect Clinton.

Not so, Keilar says, pointing out that she continued her reporting later on in the day.

Brianna Keilar gets engaged

CNN’s senior political correspondent and fill-in anchor Brianna Keilar announced her engagement to the director for Afghanistan and Pakistan at the White House’s National Security Council, Fernando Lujan.

“I’m pretty excited about spending the rest of my life with this guy,” Keilar wrote on Tuesday on Facebook.

According to the Washington Post report, they met at a happy hour near the White House in the summer of 2012, Keilar says, and she kept trying to set Lujan up with her friends. In the end, he eventually asked her out himself.

Lujan had enlisted her mother’s help in planning a June proposal and a party in her native California. But Keilar’s mother, Miriam, died unexpectedly in May, and the proposal didn’t go off as planned. “It didn’t happen but it’s been very special to know that’s what my mom was cooking up with Fernando in her final days,” she says.

CNN Quiz Show: The 80s Edition

Anderson Cooper’s CNN Quiz Show is back. This time, there will have to be a different winner, because frequent winner John Berman is sitting this one out.

To help promote CNN’s launch of The Eighties, the CNN Quiz Show will air April 17 at 7pm ET.

Primetime anchor Don Lemon is paired up with morning anchor Alisyn Camerota, comedian and the host of United Shades of America W. Kamau Bell is paired with HLN’s Robin Meade, and afternoon anchor Brooke Baldwin is paired up with senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar.