Former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien returns to TV

Former CNN Starting Point anchor Soledad O’Brien is returning to TV anchoring this fall with a weekly Sunday show airing on Hearst TV, reports the Washington Post.

This is the newest venture for O’Brien since the closure of Al Jazeera America, where O’Brien served as a special correspondent after departing CNN. Her production company, Starfish Media, will also be producing specials for Hearst, according to the report.

She insists that the new half-hour show, Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien, to be produced at the Newseum, won’t be just the typical formula of dueling talking heads spouting talking points. She wants to go beyond the typical political analysts who are “on bookers’ speed dial,” and instead seek the guests whose perspective aren’t typically sought after.

The show, which premieres September 10, is being distributed across Heart’s local stations.

Ali Velshi on CNN

Former Al Jazeera America Real Money anchor Ali Velshi returned to his former stomping grounds at CNN last night during an appearance on Don Lemon’s CNN Tonight.

Velshi, during his CNN tenure, wore a great many hats, including host of American Morning, Your Money, World Business Today, CNN Newsroom, and chief business correspondent.

Last night, he appeared on CNN, labeled as an ‘economist analyst,’ discussing GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s debt plan.

But, as he was quick to note on Twitter, following some tweeps’ observations, he has not returned to CNN.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 8.29.08 PM.png
Yet, anyways…

Video of his CNN return is below.

Former CNN morning anchor is going to have to get up early again

Former American Morning and later, Starting Point anchor Soledad O’Brien is going to have to set her alarm awfully early again beginning next Tuesday through Friday, reports CNN’s Brian Stelter.

She will be filling in on CBS News’ CBS This Morning, in for host Gayle King.

Chris Licht, the show’s executive producer, explained the decision to get an outsider. “We are lucky to have the best anchor team in the morning — but they can’t work 52 weeks a year. So, from time to time we will try something interesting and a little unpredictable to keep up the momentum even when one of our main anchors is off.”

Following the cancelation of her CNN show, O’Brien continued to do a few specials for CNN, mainly her Black in America specials.

Former CNN anchor Kiran Chetry to host Miss Nepal US

Former American Morning CNN anchor Kiran Chetry is going to host Miss Nepal US this year from New York City. As part of the pageant, they are hoping to raise money for the Nepali earthquake rebuilding.

The Miss Nepal US pageant will be on Saturday, August 22nd.


(H/t Carpe Diem)

Miles O’Brien: Pointing lasers at planes is a “complete jackass move”

Following a segment during CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello, Rene Marsh reported on four passenger planes being struck by lasers in the New York area. To analyze the situation, Costello brought in former CNN anchor/correspondent and current CNN aviation analyst Miles O’Brien.

Prefacing the discussion, Costello said, “I wanna bring in our aviation analyst, Miles O’Brien, to talk more about this. So, they hit these planes with a laser at 8,000 feet. That’s a powerful laser – or, seemingly, it is.”

“Yeah, and you can get them for about a buck online, Carol. That’s the problem: they’re ubiquitous, particularly the green ones, they’re much more visible to the human eye, and you can get them online for next-to-nothing.”

Not mincing words, O’Brien called it “a complete jackass move” and added that, “People who do it should stop and think about what they’re doing for just a moment,” pointing out that they could face serious federal charges.


(H/t Ethan Klapper)

Kiran Chetry’s plea for Nepali aid

After remaining basically under the radar since her two day anchoring gig on CNN International in August 2014, and appearing on a NutriBullet infomercial, Kiran Chetry resurfaces and makes a heartfelt plea for donations for Nepal, following the devastating Nepali earthquake, with over 4,000 people (and still counting) dead.

She introduces herself as the “journalist formerly of CNN and of the Fox News Channel” but that she is speaking to us as a “proud native of Nepal.”

She said “many estimate it will take hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars to try to rebuild” Nepal.

“Waiting around to figure out the scope and scale of the disaster means lives lost that could have been saved which is why I’m asking you to please donate.” She then suggested the charity to give to: “Kids of Katmandu has years of experience on the ground in Nepal. They’ve been focusing on the children and working very closely with native Nepalis to ensure that every dime you donate is spent in the best way possible to give aid to those who need it and quickly. And now is the time that they need it quickly.”

(H/t Carpe Diem)

Miles O’Brien CNN Special

Former CNN anchor and correspondent (and now aviation analyst) Miles O’Brien will be featured in a CNN Special Report, tentatively scheduled to air next Tuesday at 9pm.

Watch a clip:

Shortly after he lost his arm, he spoke to OutFront anchor Erin Burnett about it. Watch the interview below for the back-story on the special that will air next week: