New Day spin, ignores HLN’s own success

New Day is set to top out MSNBC’s Morning Joe in both the demo and total viewers for the third-straight quarter. Congratulations, guys.

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

In a TVNewser piece, they tout out CNN’s successes, without also acknowledging the fact that HLN’s morning show, Morning Express with Robin Meade, has largely been beating New Day throughout this same period.

robin meade albie hecht
Robin Meade with HLN boss Albie Hecht

Jim Murphy, who recently was promoted to vice president of morning programming (he was previously the senior executive producer of the morning block made up of Early Start and New Day), offered up some thoughts to TVN: “We’ve been consistently building our audience because we keep a laser focus on the biggest and most important stories of the day, and have CNN’s resources to cover them.”

Of course, Murphy is also the same person who claimed there had been “little discussion” on who would fill Kate Bolduan’s anchor seat during her maternity leave (that she didn’t return to the program from).

kate bolduan
At This Hour co-anchor

Now, Alisyn Camerota sits as the new co-anchor of New Day.

New Day co-anchor
New Day co-anchor

Murphy continued, “We’ve become the morning leader on hard news and breaking news and the audience is responding.”

Fact check: on March 26, when CNN was wall-to-wall on its latest plane story, HLN beat CNN in the 6-9am timeslot, as I tweeted about when that happened.

So, while CNN may be doing well… let’s keep it all in perspective.

New Day reports on Trevor Noah

CNN’s morning show New Day reported on the Daily Show naming Trevor Noah as Jon Stewart’s replacement, which was first reported by the NYTimes.

When Michaela Pereira named the replacement, “…Trevor Noah,” co-anchor Chris Cuomo replied, “Trevor Noah? Never heard of him.”

Michaela pointed out that when Jon Stewart became the host of Daily Show, he was somewhat of an unknown.

Alisyn Camerota reports, followed by analysis from the co-anchors:

CNN Quiz Show

CNN’s game show, imaginatively named the CNN Quiz Show, hosted by anchor Anderson Cooper, will air this coming Monday at 9pm ET.

The contestants will be CNN anchors, in teams:
Jake Tapper and Alisyn Camerota
Erin Burnett and John Berman
Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon

Watch a preview:

And, guess what… just like Michaela Pereira was left out of co-hosting a prime time special, she was also left out of this.

Alisyn Camerota, Chris Cuomo take on Fox & Friends

New Day anchors Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota have accepted Fox News’ challenge, and are participating in the fitness challenge against the hosts of Fox and Friends.

“[Brian] Kilmeade, please… I eat sandwiches that are bigger than you,” Cuomo jabbed.

… We were moving ahead!

Give CNN credit: they may be doing less with less, but they still carved out enough money in the budget to take at a full-page ad in the New York Times, blasting MSNBC’s morning show, Morning Joe.

“While you were leaning forward, we were moving ahead!”

The “lean forward” slogan is MSNBC’s progressive slant, and evidently CNN wasted no time blasting it.

For the year of 2014, CNN and HLN were tied, both ahead of MSNBC, up 4%.

And the day after the elections… CNN and HLN both beat MSNBC in the demo!

The MSNBC host, for his part, responded on Twitter, speaking directly to CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker:

Let me leave you with just one Zucker quote: “There’s nobody better in morning TV than Robin Meade.”

(H/t Brian Stelter)

Alisyn Camerota: Conservative or liberal?

Answer: Who really cares?

Permit me to set the stage:

Alisyn Camerota joins CNN, and some CNN viewers criticized them for hiring a “conservative” from “Faux” News.

This morning, Alisyn went out of Studio 71 and joined her New Day co-anchor, Chris Cuomo. Coincidentally, Newsbusters is now blasting her, and essentially insinuating she’s a liberal and too cozy to NYC Mayor de Blasio:

Following Camerota’s over-the-top greeting with DeBlasio, Cuomo proclaimed it’s “a welcome sight when the mayor comes and the hot cocoa comes.” Camerota beamed that “this is how we treat our guests” and “we appreciate you braving the elements to come down here.”

While this moment is certainly lighthearted, one has to wonder how close the CNN hosts are to New York’s Democratic politicians given that one of them happily embraced one of America’s most liberal mayors while the governor’s brother, and CNN host, looked on.

Flashback to March 27, 2013…

Erik Wemple of the Washington Post criticizes Alisyn and her producers for only booking guests who support the “conservative” POV:

Talk to any seasoned viewer of Fox News, and they’ll likely cite the merits of the network’s moderated debates between two people of opposing points of view. OK.

But many interviews on Fox News last Friday featured a much more simple format:

– As discussed above, Camerota discussed Obamacare with Stirewalt: “Nobody’s been covered.”
– In an “America Live” segment on New York’s new gun control laws, Camerota’s only guest was conservative radio personality Lars Larson, who pushed back heavily against the law.
– Camerota discussed health-care economics with Melissa Francis of the Fox Business Network: Obamacare’s numbers, Francis argued, just don’t add up.
– Camerota also talked about Benghazi with Fox News national security analyst KT McFarland, a former Reagan aide and Republican Senate candidate, who said we “don’t have answers about…why did nobody try to rescue” U.S. personnel, dismissing what reasons the White House has given as “excuses.”

What’s my point in all this? The point is, she hugged a mayor and handed him (and her brand new co-anchor) hot chocolate. So what? When she was at Fox, she was called a conservative. At CNN, she’s called a liberal.

Really, folks?

“I’m baaaaack!”

Kate Bolduan made her return to CNN at 11am today, with her new co-anchor, John Berman. The hour was previously called At This Hour, but last week it was re-branded as CNN Newsroom.

The show is using Studio 71, home to New Day. Previously, the 11am hour used the Communication Center.

When she returned to CNN’s airwaves, she opened with:

“I’m baaaaaaaaaack! Be it good or be it bad, I come back bearing bad news of a very big storm.”