CNN Quiz Show: 70s edition

As I posted about earlier, it was revealed by Ashleigh Banfield that Don Lemon was taping another edition of the CNN Quiz Show, and that it was a 70s edition.

A short time ago, CNN’s public relations account offered up some additional details:

The contestants for this episode will be The Wonder List host Bill Weir, New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota, Quest Means Business anchor Richard Quest, CNN Newsroom anchor Brooke Baldwin, CNN Tonight anchor Don Lemon, and Early Start anchor John Berman.

Anderson Cooper will again serve as host of the CNN Quiz Show.

The 70s edition of the show will air on Monday, June 8; meanwhile, the first episode of The Seventies will air on Thursday, June 11.

Pamela Geller cancels on round 2 with Alisyn

As I blogged about last night, Pamela Geller (who was the event sponsor which was interrupted by gunmen in Texas Sunday night) was scheduled to appear on New Day for round two with anchor Alisyn Camerota.

But, she didn’t show.

Although Camerota tweeted last night she would appear during the 8am hour, that didn’t happen. Remarking on her absence, Camerota explained, “Pamela Geller was booked to come on New Day to continue the conversation this morning, but she canceled.”

She did skip out on CNN, but shortly after her scheduled interview on CNN, Geller appeared on Fox News, where she appeared to compare herself to Rosa Parks.

Her interview with Camerota from Monday is below:

Camerota to spar with Pamela Geller again

This morning on New Day, anchor Alisyn Camerota interviewed Pamela Geller, the event sponsor of the Mohammad cartoon contest and president of American Freedom Defense Initiative, and it was a fairly contentious interview, making headlines on everywhere from Mediaite, to Twitchy, to Real Clear Politics.

Later in the day, Geller appeared on The Lead with Jake Tapper.

But Camerota just announced via Twitter that Geller will be back on New Day tomorrow morning for round two at 8am ET.

Watch the interview from this morning:

And, for the record, Hala Gorani is so not a Geller fan.

Alisyn Camerota isn’t undergoing gender reassignment

The New Day co-anchor Alisyn Camerota is not undergoing gender reassignment therapy, she made very clear in a tweet this morning.

When a tweeter was “praying” that Camerota leaves the “unwatchable network” (aka CNN), the individual referred to Camerota as a “he” rather than a she.

And the very playful Camerota responded:

So, Bruce Jenner may be transitioning to a woman, but Camerota is not transitioning to a man… Just saying.

New Day’s new desk

New Day finally got around to getting a new, more inclusive, anchor desk.

At the time it was announced Michaela Pereira was leaving This Hour and being “promoted” to co-anchor of New Day, I wrote:

Michaela already conducted solo interviews, so nothing will change for her, regardless if her title is news anchor or co-anchor. As it is, the camera has Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo, and off to the side (and off camera) Michaela Pereira. That won’t change, I’m willing to guess — it can’t, unless they buy a new desk and center them all.

And for almost three months, I was right. Michaela remained off camera, to the side.

Until today, when they unveiled the new anchor desk, with all anchors centered:

“Working for CNN… I’ve grown as a person”

New Day co-anchor Michaela Pereira did a video Q&A, where she took questions from Twitter and Facebook and answered them. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as headline-making as her co-anchor Alisyn Camerota’s Q&A.

When asked what the most interesting story she’s worked on is, Michaela said, “It changes all the time… It’s almost like picking from your children. We have so many interesting stories, and in the course of a twenty year career, I think it’s almost impossible to answer that.”

Another person asked how she’s grown personally and professionally since she started working with CNN. Michaela responded: “I have grown immensely since I moved here to Manhattan; and working for CNN, I think I have grown as a person, I think I’m even stronger, a little more independent, self-reliant, I think I’m a much better broadcaster than I was, and I’ve been a broadcaster for a long time, but I think I’ve really grown a tremendous amount. And goodness knows, I’m reminded every day how much I have to do.”

The most memorable moment of her career was her Roots special. She said, “CNN allowed me to travel to Jamaica to explore my roots, and it was by far, bar none, the most memorable moment of my life… and perhaps my career.”

Watch below:

New Day focuses on infertility 

New Day is starting a month-long focus on infertility stories, anchor Alisyn Camerota announced today on Twitter.

Alisyn has had her own issues with infertility, and in 2011, she went on NBC’s Today Show and discussed her problems with NBC anchor Ann Curry.


Alisyn Camerota opens up about leaving Fox, joining CNN

At last! CNN’s New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota finally addressed the elephant in the room: her move from Fox News Channel to CNN.

At CNN, she’s had exclusives interviews, hosted documentaries, anchored primetime specials, and she has appeared on every show across CNN’s platform – and she’s the morning anchor, which is her “dream job”. She’s moderated luncheons, panels on women’s issues, and flew to Texas to moderate a panel for former First Lady Laura Bush. She’s had many golden issues and is “really happy”.

And now?

“I’m really, really happy. And I know you all say I can’t possibly be happy [at CNN]… I think this is possibly the happiest moment of my career, my long career.”

And when she’s returning to Fox News? No time soon; she’ll be at CNN for “as long as CNN will have me.”

Watch Alisyn’s answer:

(H/t Mediaite)