Morning Express continues its reign as the #2 morning show

According to the network’s ratings release for July, Morning Express with Robin Meade continues to be the number two morning news show in the key demographic for cable news (25-54 year olds). Meade’s show is up 29%, while Fox & Friends, the number one morning show, has fallen 8%.

MXP continues its winning streak over both New Day and Morning Joe; though they don’t tout their win over their sister morning show on CNN, they tout the fact they have beaten MSNBC for the 15th consecutive month by 27% — 123,000 demo viewers compared to 97,000.

Meanwhile, New Day has beaten Joe for 13 straight months – but Joe is making a comeback against CNN… not so much against HLN.

In an earlier ratings release, HLN celebrated their morning show’s victory in the 6am hour over Fox & Friends, stating that it was the fifth win this year; now, MXP has beaten F&F for the sixth week this year (the week of 7/13), beating Fox News by 14% in the demo.

New Day beat Morning Joe for the 13th straight month… but Joe is making big gains on CNN

Although The Hollywood Reporter graphed back in June that New Day shows the most year-to-year growth in the morning cable news shows (not counting Robin Meade’s Morning Express, however), their ratings have begun to… slow down rapidly.

Going back to August 2014, New Day beat Joe 133,000 demo viewers to 80,000 demo viewers.

In the February 2015 ratings release, CNN touted New Day‘s 132,000 demo viewers to Joe‘s 79,000 demo viewers.

In CNN’s second quarter ratings release, they celebrated their win over MSNBC’s Morning Joe, touting the victory of 110,000 CNN demo viewers to MSNBC’s 79,000.

In today’s ratings release, CNN continued to act like it was destroying MSNBC, but that wasn’t the case: although the CNN show had 101,000 demo viewers, MSNBC was right with them, having 97,000 demo viewers… showing that CNN’s lead is falling rapidly, while MSNBC’s lead is growing.

HLN’s Morning Express still remains the number two cable news morning show.

Alisyn Camerota celebrates one year at CNN

It has been one year (and one day) since Alisyn Camerota joined CNN. In her time, she has co-hosted CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, participated in CNN Quiz Show, hosted primetime specials with Chris Cuomo, and joined the morning team as the co-host of New Day.

About her move from Fox to CNN, she said, “I’m really, really happy. And I know you all say I can’t possibly be happy [at CNN]… I think this is possibly the happiest moment of my career, my long career.”

Ashleigh Banfield interviews Gov. Andrew Cuomo, *has* to mention Chris

Comedian Jon Stewart has lampooned New Day‘s Chris Cuomo over his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo’s appearances on the morning show.

Just one week ago, Gov. Cuomo appeared on with Alisyn Camerota, and Camerota couldn’t let him go without referencing some anecdote Chris had told her.

I tweeted out my observation that Cuomo was finally on a program not hosted by his brother:

And, perhaps too soon.

At the conclusion of the interview with Legal View anchor Ashleigh Banfield, Banfield said, “I’d like to have you more often — and we really like working with your brother.”

“Brother who?” the governor replied coyly.

Is it impossible for CNN to interview the governor of New York without totally dumbing it down and making some Chris Cuomo-related joke?


Dr. Sanjay Gupta misreports who he performed brain surgery on in April

A new report is discrediting a claim made by CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, when he received attention for his reporting in Nepal after the earthquake — and he said he had performed brain surgery on an eight year old girl named Salina Dahal, when it was actually a fourteen year old girl, named Sandhya Chalise.

Yet Salina never had any surgery, the Global Press Journal reports; “No, she hasn’t been operated,” Salina’s grandfather told GPJ in an interview.

She did, however, suffer a minor head wound and a broken wrist.

In multiple videos, headlines and a text story, CNN repeated Gupta’s claim that he took part in a craniotomy that ensured Salina – a small, slender girl who arrived at the hospital with her grandfather – would avoid permanent brain damage or death.

In a video showing Salina that aired on CNN’s “New Day,” anchor Alisyn Camerota says, “Tell us about this little girl that we’re seeing on our screen whom you just performed brain surgery on.”

Gupta, a neurosurgeon, responds: “The little girl, named Salina, she is 8 years old,” and goes on to describe skull fractures and blood clots on her brain. But the injuries he is describing are not Salina’s. The description is of Sandhya Chalise, 14.

And here’s the bizarre part: digital producer Tim Hume correctly reported on that Sandy Chalise was Gupta’s patient, only to later switch her out:

“An hour later she receives a craniotomy,” Hume writes, referring to Sandhya in that article. “Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon and CNN’s chief medical correspondent, has scrubbed up at the request of a Nepalese medical team to help with the operation.”

Hume’s initial article does mention Salina, 8, correctly describing her injuries, including minor head wounds and a hand injury. The article quotes local neurosurgeon Bikesh Khumbu as confirming that Salina was “psychologically intact.”

But nine hours later, at 1:26 a.m. ET, the online article was updated.

The updated article does not mention Sandhya. Instead, it swaps in the younger girl’s name: Gupta’s brain surgery patient is now identified as Salina. The first section of the story, which originally described Sandhya’s injuries, was replaced with a false description of Salina.

Portions of the story, including sentences that originally described Sandhya’s injuries – blood clots in her brain – were used, word for word, to describe Salina. The story’s original sections about Salina, which correctly described her minor injuries, were deleted.

The new version of the story, which is still live on CNN’s site as of press time, is accompanied by a video that features Gupta talking about Salina as his patient. In other videos on the site, Gupta describes Salina and claims to have participated in her brain surgery.

Although Gupta wasn’t made available for comment in the Global Press Journal’s report, he spoke in a telephone interview with NPR’s David Folkenflik. “I don’t like to make mistakes. Sometimes you are beholden to other people for information, or you are verifying details in other ways. It gives me pause as a doctor. It gives me pause as a journalist.” He went onto say: The mistake, Gupta said, was one born of havoc. “We want to be accurate, 100 percent. It was a chaotic situation, no doubt. You had a hospital turn into a massive triage area.”

And, NPR reports that it was Gupta who gave the go-ahead to change Hume’s report:

Gupta told me it was his call to change the identity of the patient in Hume’s story. He said he believed the inclusion of Sandyha was the mistaken version.

“I wanted to get the story right,” Gupta said. “I didn’t think the story was right. I had every reason to believe based on the [CAT] scans, based on what the doctors were telling me, based on the story they had told me, that the patient we had just operated on was an 8-year-old girl.

Gupta also told NPR he understands the conflict between the imperatives of being a journalist and a surgeon. “I don’t know I’ve found the precise right way to handle these things,” he said. “I want to make sure I can report objectively after being engaged so directly like this.”

(H/t FTVLive)

Serious interview with Gov. Andrew Cuomo turns ridiculous on New Day

At the beginning of the month, The Daily Show aired a compilation of Andrew Cuomo’s appearances on New Day, the show on CNN anchored by his younger brother.

Alisyn Camerota, who was interviewing the governor, kept the interview serious until the very end, where it turned ridiculous.

“Governor, we only have a few seconds left, but we got a tip, I just wanna check it out with you: is it true that when you got the word that Richard Matt was killed, you were actually fishing at that time?”

“I’m sorry, the audio has gone dead,” the governor stammered back.

Alisyn laughed. “Oh, no, it has not gone dead. Is it true that you were fishing, because the source we have here says you were posing, with what is an impressively large fish, but that that was not what you caught, you’re actually just posing with a fish somebody else caught. True or false?”

“Oh that is totally, totally false. And that source, I would just disqualify that source from any other information…”

Needless to clarify, that ‘source’ is brother Chris Cuomo.


America’s Next Weatherman reality star winner to present weather report on New Day

TBS, a corporate relative of CNN, will be airing a new competitive reality series called America’s Next Weatherman, beginning on August 8th at 11pm. According to the producer, Mark Burnett, “the funniest part is that it turns out that these are actually terrific weathercasters.”

The show will feature 12 contestants, both male and female, and the winner will win $100,000 — and the chance to deliver a weather report during CNN’s flagship morning show, New Day, anchored by Chris Cuomo, Alisyn Camerota, and Michaela Pereira, Variety reports.


Today’s Good Stuff: Alisyn Camerota’s birthday

New Day‘s Good Stuff today was the birthday of co-anchor Alisyn Camerota, airing pictures of Camerota as a child. They also included a clip of her jamming during a commercial break with her co-anchor, Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo said, “Today we celebrate Alisyn’s day of birth, known in most corners as the day she walked among us. Her humor, humility, grace, incredible intelligence, something we are lucky to witness every day as our New Day family.”

Co-anchor Michaela Pereira pointed out, “Happy birthday! It was actually yesterday… so we’re a day late.”