Randi Kaye, Anderson Cooper push back defiantly at Trump

On AC360 last night, correspondent Randi Kaye and anchor Anderson Cooper aggressively pushed back to what GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said that morning on New Day, calling Kaye an “absolutely horrible reporter” and accusing the network of “terrible and disgusting reporting.”

Cooper began, “Donald Trump is upset again — not just at Fox News or Politico; this time, he’s now lashing out at 360‘s Randi Kaye, and he’s armed out with nothing more than misinformation and misplaced ire.”

He later added, after replaying Trump’s interview with Alisyn Camerota from that morning, “Well, make no mistake, everything you just heard Donald Trump say… is wrong.

(H/t TVNewser)

Editor’s note: Yesterday, I incorrectly attributed Trump’s remarks to having been about CNN’s Sara Murray, who was also covering Trump. Trump was actually attacking Randi Kaye.

Donald Trump: CNN’s Sara Murray is an “absolutely horrible reporter”

This morning, Donald Trump did a live interview with New Day‘s Alisyn Camerota, and he wasn’t very complimentary towards CNN political reporter Sara Murray, though never mentioning her by name, and complained about her “disgusting” reporting.

Upset by Murray’s reporting on his event, he said, “Half of the seats in the back were empty because everyone was standing — she starts off, the CNN reporter, an absolutely horrible reporter… Oh, look, the room’s half empty; the room wasn’t half empty, everyone was standing right next to me in the front of the room — listen, you can tell [CNN Worldwide president] Jeff Zucker, I think it was terrible and disgusting reporting.”

Camerota pushed back, “Listen, that wasn’t what I heard her say.”

Editor’s note: Yesterday, I incorrectly attributed Trump’s remarks to having been about CNN’s Sara Murray, who was also covering Trump. Trump was actually attacking Randi Kaye.

Alisyn Camerota prepares to reunite with former Fox colleague

Alisyn Camerota, co-anchor of New Day, will be reuniting with her old Fox News colleague Bob Beckel on Thursday morning. Beckel has appeared on CNN recently, including appearances on CNN Tonight and Smerconish.

And on Thursday, he’ll be on New Day, Camerota says.

John Berman and Don Lemon win CNN Quiz Show — again

Anchors John Berman and Don Lemon have already won CNN Quiz Show before (70s edition), and then last night, they won again, winning the TV edition.

Berman and Lemon won $20,000 for charity JDRF for type one diabetes research.

Mike Rowe and Brooke Baldwin won $10,000 for The mikeroweWORKS Foundation.

Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota won $10,000 for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.

Chris Christie won’t sign RNC loyalty pledge on CNN, but does on Fox News

This morning, New Day co-anchor Alisyn Camerota attempted to get Chris Christie to sign the Republican National Committee pledge on the morning program. He declined.
Yet just a few hours later, he appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, and when Martha MacCallum asked him to sign it, he agreed readily enough.

Erik Wemple of the Washington Post reports that it wasn’t Fox’s idea to get him to sign it on their show, but rather Christie’s campaign, according to his spokeswoman.

CNN Quiz Show: TV Edition

If you thought the smaller audience for CNN Quiz Show: 70s edition compared to the President’s Day edition may deter CNN from repeating, you would be wrong.

Today, it was announced that there will be another CNN Quiz Show, hosted again by Anderson Cooper, that will air on September 9 at 9pm.

The race to offer the weather on CNN’s New Day begins…

The winner of the TBS reality show, America’s Next Weatherman, will win $100,000, an agent, and the opportunity to offer the weather report on sister channel CNN’s New Day, as host Matt Oberg explains in the video below in the debut episode last night.

My personal choice to win the competition is Michelle Rotella, HMTV’s chief meteorologist.

Most of the contestants on this show definitely shouldn’t be presenting any reports on New Day – a serious morning news show.

America’s Next Weatherman airs on TBS Saturdays at 11pm.

Chris Cuomo complains he wants more longform reporting

In a tweet, CNN’s New Day anchor Chris Cuomo seems to complain that he isn’t doing more longform reporting for CNN, writing that he “was supposed to do much more,” probably referring to some contract negotiation.

He is currently shooting a documentary in Argentina on Pope Francis.

Perhaps the CNN bosses were reluctant to move Cuomo from New Day, even for only a few days, due to the recent instability, from dropping his old co-anchor Kate Bolduan during her maternity leave, to dropping the morning show’s meteorologist Indra Petersons, to installing Alisyn Camerota as the new co-anchor.

Although, as I pointed out… Morning Joe is making gains on New Day.

Maybe Cuomo needs to do lots of longform reporting…