CNN Republican commentator Ana Navarro: “Damn right, I donated to Joe Biden”

CNN Republican commentator and Never Trumper Ana Navarro responded to a story from NewsBusters attacking whether she was truly a Republican because she had donated to Joe Biden’s campaign, per FEC records. “Damn right,” she said.

Per the records, Navarro donated $250 February 29 to Biden. NewsBusters further search found that she had also donated $361.14 to failed presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris in July 2019, and insisted that she quit identifying herself as a Republican.

Navarro hasn’t been quiet about wanting Trump to be defeated in 2020, so her donating to Democratic candidates shouldn’t be much of a surprise. She has been quite vocal about it on CNN and on ABC’s The View, where she serves as a rotating host.

“Damn right, I donated to [Biden]. I want a President who believes in science and doesn’t suggest Americans ingest Lysol. Let me remind you, the so-called “Republican President” donated to many Democrats, including Pelosi & Hilary, a guest at his wedding…3rd one,” she wrote on Twitter in response to NewsBusters.

A CNN spokesperson noted their commentators may donate time or money to the causes and candidates they care about.

Navarro previously worked for the Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Jon Huntstman teams.

CNN’s Kaylee Hartung joins ABC News

Kaylee Hartung, the ESPN reporter who had joined CNN over two and a half years ago as a news correspondent based out of Atlanta, is moving to ABC News.

Hartung hasn’t been on in the air for CNN in many months.

When CNN president Jeff Zucker had hired the new correspondent, he was said to be a big fan of her work over at ESPN.

ABC president James Goldston announced her hiring today in a memo to staff, The Big Lead reports. “Please welcome Kaylee Hartung, our new ABC News correspondent based in New York, who starts today.”

He went on to say, “She is a versatile and skilled journalist. Kaylee reported from the streets of Charlottesville when a white nationalist plowed through a crowd and killed Heather Heyer and returned a year later to interview her mother about the aftermath of the tragic events. She covered the developments of the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race and the 2017 United States Senate special election in Alabama, interviewed the grieving survivors of the Parkland and Sutherland Springs shootings and reported on extreme weather events including Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and wildfires in Malibu and Paradise, CA.”

Sam Champion joins Cuomo Primetime to talk Hurricane Florence

CNN has its own cadre of meteorologists, both for CNN/USA and for CNN International (and Bob Van Dillen for HLN).

But on Cuomo Primetime, anchor Chris Cuomo invited on his former ABC News colleague, well-known weatherman Sam Champion to report on Hurricane Florence.

Champion offered his storm analysis alongside CNN meteorologist Tom Sater.

Almost two years ago, Champion appeared on Morning Express with Robin Meade and filled in on the weather report.

CNN’s Jim Acosta dares Trump to let him interview him

CNN star Jim Acosta who serves as the network’s chief White House correspondent appeared last night on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussed his work as a reporter for the network.

Kimmel pointed out that the Trump administration is no fan of Acosta’s, and also asked about his relationship with the White House press team. According to Acosta, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders takes his phone calls.

At the end of his interview, Acosta offered up a challenge to President Trump to allow him to interview him. Acknowledging, “I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen,” he added, with a little prodding from Kimmel, “If I were to sit down with the president, I’d ask the president the questions of the day.”

“I dare him to sit down to do an interview with me,” he said, laughing.

Kyra Phillips leaves CNN for ABC News

Kyra Phillips is leaving CNN and joining ABC News based in Washington, DC, according to TVNewser. She has been with CNN and HLN since 1999, but was recently sidelined and basically taken off of CNN’s air.

“Her passion for journalism is matched by her incredible generosity of spirit. She volunteers for a variety of organizations that help those in need, including the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and programs supporting military families,” ABC News boss James Goldston said in the announcement memo.

Phillips lives in DC with her husband, John Roberts, chief White House correspondent over at Fox News.

She begins at ABC today.

The Van Jones Show continues this Saturday with Meghan McCain

The Van Jones Show is back again this Saturday at 7pm, and this time, host Van Jones’ guest for the hour will be conservative commentator Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain.

McCain previously served as a Fox News host, and is currently serving as a co-host of ABC’s The View.

According to CNN, the McCain is joining Van to “discuss the state of partisan political clashes, her father’s brave cancer battle, and her take on the first year of the Trump presidency.”

President Trump reacted to the first episode of The Van Jones Show, which had special guest Jay-Z, via Twitter. There’s a chance he’ll respond to McCain’s appearance as well, given that he has attacked McCain in the past for being a war hero, saying that “I like people who weren’t captured.”

Alexander Marquardt joins CNN as senior national correspondent

Beginning next month, Alexander Marquardt will join CNN as a senior national correspondent, based in New York. He will cover domestic and breaking news stories for the network, and will report for all of CNN’s television and digital platforms.

As noted by CNN his hiring release, Marquardt was an award-winning foreign correspondent for ABC News. While at ABC, he led the network’s international coverage from front lines, uprisings, terror attacks and natural disasters around the world. For most of the past decade, he was based in Beirut, Jerusalem and Moscow.

Before joining ABC News, Marquardt covered the 2008 presidential election as an off-air embed reporter for CNN. He covered multiple candidates including then-Senators Obama, Biden and Clinton, as well as Governors Romney and Huckabee.

Cooper, Raddatz pose for post-debate photo after reports of a feud

CNN anchor and debate co-moderator Anderson Cooper posed with his fellow co-moderator of ABC News, Martha Raddatz, following reports of an alleged feud from the New York Post’s Page Six.

Speaking of Cooper and Raddatz’s debate prep, the source told the Post, “There won’t be just two presidential egos in the room on the next debate night, there will be four,” with another source saying that the prep was “acrimonious at best, at all levels, from the producers right up to the execs.”

But, maybe as a détente of sorts, the two moderators posed together for a post-debate picture, with Raddatz saying it was “true teamwork.”

Cooper, for his part, did not retweet…