Piers Morgan Live to End in Three Weeks

It’s interesting to see this.  A deadline has finally been made for the cancellation of Piers Morgan’s show.  The most interesting thing, I think, is that Bill Weir and Jake Tapper will both fill in for him – after Piers Morgan’s show is officially over, what will they call that […]

Political Anchor on Morning Express

As you probably have caught on by now, I really like Morning Express – the only show worth watching consistently on HLN (though On The Case is good; it just depends on the case they’re covering and on my level of interest on that case).  But I also REALLY like […]

The Role of “Newsreader” on New Day

If you haven’t noticed this before, now that I mention it, you’ll see it every time (most likely).  The role of the newsreader (Michaela Pereira) varies vastly when she is there and when there is a fill-in.  Maybe it is just the anchors’ style, but when Michaela reads the headlines, […]

3/7/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of 1:21 EST… John Berman is in for Michaela Pereira on New Day as newsreader. Jake Tapper is in for Carol Costello during the 9am block of CNN Newsroom. Brianna Keilar is in for Carol during the 10am block of CNN Newsroom.

The Crossfire Problem

Unashamedly, I can watch CNN pretty much all day long without any problems.  (Sure, I like Morning Express more than New Day, but I watch the last hour of New Day when Morning Express repeats its stories at the top of the hour).  But Crossfire is a show I simply […]

Notice Who Didn’t Get A Trial?

Did you notice who CNN didn’t drop a trial-run show to?  That’s right… CNN’s co-host of New Day, Kate Bolduan.  If you think about that, it doesn’t make any sense.  Numerous reports say Chris wants Kate gone, and just as many reports say Jeff Zucker has been looking for places to put […]

3/6/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of  11:01 EST… John Berman is again in for Michaela Pereira as newsreader on New Day. Jake Tapper is anchoring the 9am block of Newsroom for Carol Costello. Anderson Cooper is anchoring the 10am block of Newsroom.