The Role of “Newsreader” on New Day

If you haven’t noticed this before, now that I mention it, you’ll see it every time (most likely).  The role of the newsreader (Michaela Pereira) varies vastly when she is there and when there is a fill-in.  Maybe it is just the anchors’ style, but when Michaela reads the headlines, […]

3/7/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of 1:21 EST… John Berman is in for Michaela Pereira on New Day as newsreader. Jake Tapper is in for Carol Costello during the 9am block of CNN Newsroom. Brianna Keilar is in for Carol during the 10am block of CNN Newsroom.

The Crossfire Problem

Unashamedly, I can watch CNN pretty much all day long without any problems.  (Sure, I like Morning Express more than New Day, but I watch the last hour of New Day when Morning Express repeats its stories at the top of the hour).  But Crossfire is a show I simply […]

Notice Who Didn’t Get A Trial?

Did you notice who CNN didn’t drop a trial-run show to?  That’s right… CNN’s co-host of New Day, Kate Bolduan.  If you think about that, it doesn’t make any sense.  Numerous reports say Chris wants Kate gone, and just as many reports say Jeff Zucker has been looking for places to put […]

3/6/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of  11:01 EST… John Berman is again in for Michaela Pereira as newsreader on New Day. Jake Tapper is anchoring the 9am block of Newsroom for Carol Costello. Anderson Cooper is anchoring the 10am block of Newsroom.

HLN Primetime Shouting Matches

People watch newscasts/opinion-casts to get the news or hear people offer their views.  They don’t watch them to see who can yell the loudest.  But if you watched HLN, you would think it was just a competition to see who could yell and be the most obnoxious.  Unfortunately, it is […]

So, Who’s Incompetent?

Somebody at CNN is incompetent; I think that’s an undeniable fact.  CNN has been running short-lived, temporary programs to “test the waters” – The 11th Hour w/ Don Lemon, In Case You Missed it w/ Brooke Baldwin… and now, The Don Lemon Show and Making the Case with Sunny Hostin […]

CNN Primetime Schedule *Update*

This is an update from my earlier blog post.  (I wasn’t going to write a new post, but there are a few updates that I hadn’t addressed earlier, so a fresh post would be best, I thought). Per Mediaite, the Don Lemon Show will only be on Mondays.  (Strange, I […]